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The “great challenge” will consist of “making these years of reconstruction also the digital decade of Galicia.” This is how Alberto Núñez Feijóo put his duties on Monday, at the closing of the act to present in society the “Estratexia Galicia Dixital 2030”, which has a public-private investment of 4,000 million euros until 2027. The Xunta contributes 2,450 million and it foresees that each one of those euros returns 1.42, with an impact of 3.500 million to the “wealth” of the Community. A “big plan”, with “results in terms of huge GDP, and in terms of employment, outstanding”, and “based on talent and modernization of economic sectors.”

The president of the Xunta defended that Galicia has a “solid experience” – “we did not start from scratch” – to undertake a “paradigm shift.” And he warned: “We cannot let the acceleration of our digital reality overtake us. Unlike”. That is why he called on his cabinet to “put Galicia in the place that it always belonged to”, to the “avant-garde”, as a “reference digital territory”; and take on the challenge in a “moment of transition and a perfect moment to (…) think about the strategy we are going to follow.” They will be necessary, he stressed, “deep transformations that revolve around sustainable development goals.” Everything will be permeated, from demography to mobility, through the circular economy, leisure, tourism, culture. Even “changes in diet.” “There will be no sector that does not have a significant change through technology,” he predicted.


Everything, starting with the president of the Xunta, will be very different in 2030, and then it will be time to continue renewing the strategy. But first, there is homework. With objectives such as ensuring that the entire population has internet coverage above 100 Mb or going from 50 to 75% of Galicians who resort to digital commerce. The second vice president, Francisco Conde, emphasized that “it is not only about adapting to changes; the digital transformation itself consists in generating these changes ». The economic manager claimed that “Galicia is prepared to promote” that “transforming power” that gives oxygen to “economic recovery”, and called for “continuing to work for a more resilient productive fabric.”

Another councilor, that of Facenda, Valeriano Martínez, advocated “to become an administration that knows society better”, with “more proactive and personalized services.” Feijóo precisely referred to the imminent approval of the reactivation law, which will entail “administrative simplification.” A third councilor, Román Rodríguez, contributed the vision of the educational branch, notably the universities. Two secretaries of state also participated in the event: the secretary of telecommunications, Roberto Sánchez, and the secretary of digitization, Carmen Artigas; as well as Lorena Boix, an expert from the European Commission.

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