The Zamora Provincial Council raises its budget for 2021 to 65.5 million euros




The Zamora County Council presented this Friday the draft of the budget of the provincial institution for 2021, amounting to 65.5 million euros, which represents an increase of more than two million euros compared to the current year (3.3 percent higher).

Regarding the investor chapter, the budgeted investments and those to be undertaken against the remainder add up to twenty million euros, something possible thanks to the fact that the provincial Corporation has an ehealthy economy without debt, as highlighted by the president of the Zamora County Council, Francisco José Requejo (Cs).

The provincial plans will have a game of six million euros, Meanwhile he road plan will involve an investment of 8 million and the creation of a technological and scientific park in the Aldehuela will take 1.5 million euros. Among the investment items, one million euros has also been budgeted for the new logistics area Puerta del Noroeste in Benavente, 315,000 euros for the land of the Barciar del Barco biorefinery and 250,000 euros for a memory museum that remembers the tragedy of Ribadelago.

The budget of the Provincial Council of Zamora for next year, which amounts to 65,586,903 euros, reserves 600,000 euros to improve connectivity and Internet access in the province and another 100,000 euros for the “wifi in my town” project that offers public access areas to the network.

Store in Seoul

The Trade Fair Institution of the Province of Zamora (Ifeza) will have an item of 700,000 euros, which will include among its projects the opening of a Zamora product store on a main street in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and the presence of the Zamora food industry in Japan at the Gourmet Dinning Style Show Tokyo Fair, reports Efe.

Among the items that increased is that of aid to microenterprises in the province, which amounts to 350,000 euros, and the one destined to support for birth and adoption, in which the next fiscal year will also include the municipalities of Benavente and Toro.

In the area of ​​economic development and European funds, one of the bets will be the Silver Economy strategy and the aspiration of having a European innovation center in silver economy that, if achieved, would mean an economic injection of 40 million euros of European funds.

The departure of Social Welfare will increase by 1.5 percent and will amount to 11.6 million in order to “provide coverage to those most in need.”

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