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The bill designed to combat Islamist gangrene in France has been transformed into a bill to reinforce republican principles, classifying new crimes for threatening the lives of third parties through the spread of hatred and punishing family behaviors more severely, in school, associations and public life.

The tragic experience of jihadist attacks September and October has accelerated the review and final drafting of the project, when it was discovered that France and Europe are being victims of “new” forms of Islamist criminality.

The attack on September 25, in Paris, seriously wounding a man and a woman, victims of a Pakistani fanatic, with a knife, confirmed the arrival in Europe of “new generations” of fanaticized “immigrants”, whose control he demands more European cooperation and more national controls. The new law will allow the persecution of “associations” of a “religious or philanthropic” nature where they receive support and coverage for fans of very diverse origins.

The beheading of a professor of geography and history, Samuel Paty, last October 16, is the bloody matrix of a modification of the penal code, classifying and punishing new crimes, such as threats against the lives of third parties, “through the dissemination of information related to the professional life of a person, allowing their location and that of their family, threatened in their physical or mental integrity.

The attack carried out in the cathedral of Notre Dame de Nice, on October 29, which claimed three innocent lives, victims of a fanatic “immigrant”, recently arrived from Tunisia, through Italy, confirms the urgent need to legislate against the «family cells», installed in France, in complicity with other «foreign cells».

Those bloodbaths, in just four weeks, changed the nature of the original bill, giving it a less “cultural” dimension, to treat cancer or religious gangrene that has many other fronts.

These are the five main measures it contains:

  • Definition of a new crime: endangering the lives of others … “Through the dissemination of information regarding the professional life of a person, allowing their location and that of their family, threatened in their physical or mental integrity.”
  • Punish intimidation for religious reasons … covering new forms of physical and psychological “pressure”, in schools, hospitals, to protect teachers, doctors, even civil servants who are victims of the “activism” of families and individuals who seek to “defend” the primacy of their beliefs, against the Law.
  • Much stricter and more coercive rules against parents and families who do not want to take their children to public school … Replaced by “private” schools, where religious values ​​contrary to the laws of the State are “taught”.
  • Protection of families against religious or tribal traditions outside the laws of the State … to combat discrimination against women or other minorities victims of religious fanaticism, in matters of “customs” (forced marriages, “virginity certificates”).
  • Stronger crackdown on “cultural” and “philanthropic” associations … that use legal cover to spread very diverse forms of Islamist fanaticism, even receiving state, national or foreign subsidies, which must be subject to permanent accounting, judicial and police controls.

Eric Dupond-Moretti, Minister of Justice, and Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, have transferred the bill to the Council of State and the presidents of the National Assembly (AN) and the Senate, to be able to start their parliamentary discussion as of December 9.

The Council of State must examine, approve, reject or qualify the wording of the bill. The presidents of the two chambers of the French Parliament will have to prepare debates called to culminate in a greater evolution of the national legislation aimed at combating Islamist gangrene, from a less “idealistic” perspective than the first versions of the bill.

The “cultural separatism”

It was Emmanuel Macron who began to denounce “cultural separatism”, “religious separatism”, at the end of 2019 and at the beginning of this year. The succession of jihadist crimes, between September and October, advised a major change in political and legal terminology. “Religious separatism” began to be defined as “fundamentalist separatism” or “jihadist separatism.”

The final wording of the original bill definitively abandons the qualifier “separatism”. Legislators have preferred to reaffirm the institutional matrix of the Nation: Law to reinforce republican principles.

Through 57 articles, it is a political, legal and police “shield” against political Islam.

Emmanuel Macron, during a ceremony at the Elysee this week
Emmanuel Macron, during a ceremony at the Elysee this week – AFP

The bill begins by defining and classifying new crimes: “Threatening the lives of third parties through the dissemination of information on private and professional life that could threaten the lives of individuals and families.” “Intimidation of third parties for religious reasons”. “Propagation of hate speech”.

Once the new crimes are typified, the future law will create a new framework of judicial persecution against associations of a “cultural”, “philanthropic” or religious nature, persecuting and punishing their leaders and members “who do not respect the values ​​of the State, the Republic.”

The defense of the school, public, private or concerted, will be covered with new legal and police mechanisms, in order to persecute and punish parents who do not take their children to school and the “directors” of “private schools” (clandestine, most of the time) devoted to the propagation of doctrines incompatible with respect for institutions.

In his tribute to the beheaded professor at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Macron went so far as to affirm that culture, teaching, would end up defeating Islamist gangrene. This victory begins with a legal and police defense of the school, the matrix of the formation of free citizens.

Before even school, the family is the essential nucleus of civic education. The new Law should protect the family institution against the “threats” and “assaults” of “communitarianism” and multicultural gangrene that considers the “laws” of its (Muslim) religion superior to the laws of the State. It is planned to persecute and punish parents and families convinced of such “superiority.” They will fight against sexual, cultural and family discrimination, within “any religion”. In France, the only religion that is an inexhaustible source of such problems is the Muslim religion.

Minute of silence for Samuel Paty in a school in France
Minute of silence for Samuel Paty in a school in France – AFP

The new Law will allow combating multicultural (Muslim) “laws” and “customs” in the name of the cardinal principles of freedom, against many different forms of oppression: female condition, rigged marriages, “virginity certificates”, among a rosary of Religious “norms” incompatible with current legislation.

Over the past two years, the state security forces have closed 380 “places of worship”, suspected of “spread of Islamist radicalism». Since the end of September, thousands of controls have been carried out. The future law has been designed to “rearm” the state against the gangrene of political Islam, on the glassy frontier of subversive jihadism. The National Assembly and the Senate will discuss and clarify the project throughout the month of December, hoping for a quick entry into force, in early or mid-2021.

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