These are the municipalities of the Valencian Community at extreme, high and medium risk of the spread of the coronavirus




The incidence of coronavirus In the Valencian Community, it is at a low risk level of spread, with a cumulative incidence of 34.78 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last fourteen days, twelve points below the Spanish average (46).

However, a dozen Valencian towns are above the threshold that marks the high risk of spread of the Covid-19 located in 150 cases, of which five also exceed the extreme risk index (more than 250 infections), according to the information provided by the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública.

Among these municipalities, the case of Benidorm stands out, with a cumulative incidence of 156 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, due to the reactivation of the tourism sector focused on the arrival of British visitors. Likewise, towns such as Biar and Gaianes exceed 400 cases, while Ayora and Castelló de Rugat exceed 300.

These epidemiological data come after the elimination of the vast majority of capacity and hour restrictions by the coronavirus in the Valencian Community, coinciding with the celebration of the feast of the October 9 and the Pilar bridge. The downward trend in new cases of Covid-19 and the percentage of the target population vaccinated with the complete schedule (close to ninety percent), have made it possible for the Valencian Executive to conclude the scenario of “progressive opening” of all economic sectors and the arrival of the long-awaited “new improved normal.”

The names and cumulative incidence data of coronavirus of Valencian municipalities at extreme, high and medium risk of the spread of Covid-19.

High risk

Let (492,48)

Gaianes (417.54)

Ayora (359,64)

Castellón de Rugat (304.61)

Real (271,86)

High risk

Festival (234.74)

Lucena del Cid (228.14)

Caves of Vinromà (221.48)

Benimantell (201,21)

Petrés (200.2)

Teresa de Cofrentes (161.55)

Benidorm (156)

Medium risk

Burriana (148,35)

Vest (146.89)

Chert (145,35)

Torreblanca (143,52)

Navarrés (133.16)

Jarafuel (130.04)

Benifairó de la Valldigna (128.37)

live (127.23)

Castellnovo (108.93)

Cullera (106,57)

Vall d’Alba (105.04)

Puebla de Farnals (98.43)

Quart de les Valls (97.66)

Llanera de Ranes (95.51)

Callosa d’En Sarrià (93.06)

Benicarlo (91,36)

Nules (90,66)

Sinarcas (90.5)

Catral (89.91)

Orba (89,61)

Rotglà and Corberà (89.53)

Boxes (89.05)

Carlet (88.95)

Useful (87.28)

Montesa (86.58)

the Alcora (86.4)

Callosa de Segura (83.65)

Sollana (81.95)

Chests (80.14)

Chests (80)

Barx (76.75)

Benifaió (75.07)

Alzira (73.43)

Traiguera (73.15)

Benissa (70,87)

Ondara (70,66)

Godella (68,54)

Jérica (64,14)

Almazora (63,57)

Masalavés (62.11)

Massamagrell (61.87)

Monovar (57.32)

Slab of Frogs (54.91)

Alcoy Wall (53.68)

Aldaia (52.79)

Oliva (51,54)

Saint Matthew (51.23)

Villarreal (50,69)

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