These are the new measures of Education and Health for the classrooms



The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health have updated the document that contains the measures to be taken against Covid in educational centers. The bulk of the changes occur in the ventilation section due to new evidence on the transmission of the virus by aerosols, explains the report. If in the latest version of the document (last September) it was urged to ventilate «frequently for at least 10-15 minutes at the beginning and at the end of the day, during recess, and whenever possible between classes, keeping the windows open as long as possible, increase fresh air and do not use the indoor air recirculation function “, now the recommendation is to ventilate” permanently “. «Natural ventilation is the preferred option. Cross ventilation is recommended, if possible permanently, with opening doors and / or windows opposite or at least on different sides of the room, to promote air circulation and ensure efficient sweeping throughout the space. It is more advisable to distribute the opening points of doors and windows than to concentrate the opening in a single point ”, says the latest version, which dates from February 8.

Open even if it’s cold

In addition, they point out that in the case of community transmission, natural ventilation should be prioritized “due to its effectiveness in preventing transmission over aspects such as the temperature and humidity conditions necessary for thermal comfort or energy efficiency requirements.” The document also adds the option of the disputed HEPA filters, claimed by some unions: “Only if it is not possible to achieve adequate ventilation by natural or mechanical means, filters or air purifiers (equipped with HEPA filters) could be used.”

The document also adds more assumptions that the virus can be transmitted by aerosols such as singing, screaming or exercising. They recommend carrying out these activities “whenever possible outside and, if not, guaranteeing adequate ventilation, keeping a distance and using the mask properly.” The report incorporates for the first time an annex detailing the pathologies of special risk for Covid (kidney, neurological, chronic heart and respiratory diseases, etc.). Parents of children with these pathologies reported on ABC that their children were being excluded.

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