These are the new restrictions that come into force this Monday, April 26 in the Valencian Community




The new restrictions less severe by the coronavirus that come into force this Monday, April 26, in the Valencian Community, have as main novelty a extension of the hours for the hospitality industry and the Commerce until the start of the curfew, a demand of the sector long awaited in recent weeks.

This weekend, the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has hinted that with the end of the state of alarm it will maintain these same security standards in bars, although it will lift the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community, which is now still in force for two weeks.

[Ximo Puig mantendrá las restricciones a la hostelería y levantará el cierre perimetral con el fin del estado de alarma]

Puig is committed to a de-escalation with “balance” and still “prudence” due to the risk of contagions that still persists despite vaccination and good data -the best in Spain and practically in Europe-, as has become clear with an outbreak out of one hundred positives at the Colegio Mayor Ausiàs March in Valencia.

For now, the new rules that apply between April 26 and May 2, are the following:


Bars and restaurants can open until 22 hours, when the curfew begins, although the authorized capacity remains the same as until now, that is, 30% inside the establishments and with six people maximum in a table.

On the outdoor terraces there is no limitation of clients, but the bars cannot be used.

These same uses can be applied to leisure venues, in general, if they are licensed to offer restaurant services.


Commerce is also governed by closure when the curfew arrives at 10 pm, and establishments considered essential can continue to open freely according to their normal hours. This exception applies to food stores and health service stores, such as pharmacies, orthopedics and opticians, among others.

The capacity must not exceed 75% of the total during this period.


You may not exceed 50% of capacity in the common areas of hotels, hostels, rural houses and, in general, accommodation.

Perimeter closure

Mobility remains restricted to the limits of the Valencian Community and it continues to be prohibited both to leave and to enter the autonomy, for a further 15 days, until the end of the state of alarm.


A maximum of six people who do not live together can get together as a family or social gatherings in public places. If it is at home, two nuclei of cohabitants.

Events & Events

This type of social gathering, when authorized, will be held with 75% of the maximum capacity of the premises and a maximum of 500 people indoors and 1,000 outdoors.

The Generalitat allows the establishment of four sectors with bathroom services, entry and exit, and hospitality, in a differentiated way, with 500 people in each of them. The seats will be separated by at least 1.5 meters and the entry and exit of the event will be staggered.

Remains forbidden to eat or drink (water only) outside the delimited area for the catering service. Likewise, it is not allowed to smoke nor use electronic inhalation devices or the like.


Ceremonies and activities in places of worship may be held at 50% of the capacity No limit on the maximum number of people, an extension that is also valid for the banquet halls.

Shows and culture

Spectators must remain seated without consuming and the maximum capacity is set at the 75% of the room capacity, in cinemas, drive-ins, summer cinemas, theaters, amphitheaters, auditoriums, performing arts halls and circuses; as well as in libraries, archives, museums, exhibition halls, art galleries and other cultural spaces.

Sport activities

Individual sports and those supervised by a professional – practiced outdoors – are limited to twenty participants in each group maximum in open spaces and ten in closed spaces.

When practicing indoors, such as gyms and sports halls, the capacity is still 30% and you must wear a mask. In the swimming pools, the capacity is increased to 50%.

As for sports and events with the public (except for training sessions, which will have to continue without public), the 1,000 viewers in open installations and the 500 in closed ones. As for the participating athletes, the maximums are 1,000 in open and 300 in closed.

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