They annul the work license that allowed to start up a meager chicken farm in Valladolid




The Contentious Administrative Court number 4 of Valladolid has canceled the building license that allowed to start a poultry farm of 51,779 broilers on a rustic plot in San Miguel del Arroyo (Valladolid). Specifically, the ruling to which the Ical Agency has had access has indicated that the urban license requested by the promoter of the macro-farm does not comply with the law, as it exceeds the maximum buildable area provided for in the municipal urban planning regulations for that space. In other words, the 2,913 square meters of built surface exceeded the 2,000 meters allowed.

The farm for the fattening of almost 52,000 chickens is located at a distance of approximately 1,200 meters from the town of Viloria and 4,600 meters from San Miguel del Arroyo. The proximity to both towns was the reason why the San Miguel en Vivo Neighborhood Association, which works in defense of the municipality’s environment, filed an appeal contentious-administrative against the activity / installation and work licenses of the municipality’s City Council.

The judgment of 23 pages, dated this Monday and against which there is an appeal, has completely dismissed the appeal against the Mayoral Decree for the activity and installation license of the poultry farm but, on the other hand, accepts the claim against the municipal permit of the City Council for the execution of the work of the poultry house. The exploitation is located in two parcels that add up to 3.07 hectares, with a constructed area of ​​2,913 square meters, divided between the warehouse (2,653 meters) and the dunghill (260 meters).

The San Miguel en Vivo Neighborhood Association has qualified, according to Ical, the sentence as «Historical» for the defense of the environment of the municipality, after the residents managed to annul the building permit “as illegal”, in which “so much effort had been made by the mayor -José Arenal- to grant for the construction of the polluting macro-farm that causes so much damage to the environment of the city. village”. In this sense, he announced that they will convene a concentration of neighbors in front of the macrofarm to “demand” the City Council its “immediate” closure and demand that the license be denied to the second “semi-hidden” macrofarm in the project.

The association has shown its rejection of this poultry farm by calculating that the nearly 52,000 chickens were going to generate more than 500,000 kilos of manure a year and air pollution that, on windy days, it would carry the bad smell to the urban area of ​​San Miguel del Arroyo. It also showed his opposition to this type of farms by the ‘call effect’ so that more farms of this type were installed, as happens in the surrounding municipalities.

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