They arrest a businessman from Cocentaina for exploiting his employees with twelve-hour workdays for four hundred euros




The National Police has arrested an important businessman in the textile sector in the Alicante town of Cocentaina, accused of a crime against the rights of his employees, whom he allegedly made work in very precarious conditions for twelve-hour days in exchange for four hundred euros, according to the statement from the Headquarters.

The accused had been under investigation for a few months as a result of information captured by the agents of the National Police of the Local Commissioner of Alcoy, which pointed out that one of the most important clothing recycling companies in Spain was nourished by clandestine warehouses, where different people worked irregularly, without a contract and without any type of security measure.

Even some of the employees who carried out selection and cutting of textile garments recycling did not have a residence permit either. With the investigation advanced, which has been directed by the Alcoy Foreigners and Borders Brigade of the National Police, it was possible to locate three industrial warehouses, where workers entered early in the morning and remained locked up all day without ventilation, carrying out clothing recycling work in dangerous conditions for health.

Once the certainty of the commission of these facts was had, a wide police device was established to proceed with the inspection of the three industrial buildings located in the industrial estate of this town of Alicante. Thus, the exploitation of the operation began with the entry into the facilities and some workers tried to flee on the run, while others hid among the mountains of clothing to avoid being located.

In total, the agents located fifteen men, all of Moroccan nationality, some of them without a work contract, in addition to the fact that even four did not have a residence and work permit in the country. The latter were detained to initiate an administrative procedure for violation of the Immigration Law for irregular stay, and were released after a few hours.

No ventilation or basic measures

During the inspection, the National Police agents verified in situ the precarious and dangerous conditions – without ventilation or basic measures of personal protection against the Covid-19– in which the workers carried out said illegal activity.

Through the testimonial statements, the investigators also learned that the workers worked twelve hours a day, six days a week, for which they received a salary of four hundred euros in cash, less than half the minimum interprofessional wage.

After analyzing the evidence obtained, the businessman, a forty-four-year-old male of Moroccan origin, was located and arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the illicit activity, who was charged with a crime against workers’ rights. The operation was carried out by agents of the National Police of the Local Police Station of Alcoy, framed in the Brigade of Foreigners, Citizen Security and Judicial Police.

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