They ask for 15 years in prison for the accused of inserting his penis in the mouth of his ex-partner’s 22-month-old great-granddaughter




Fifteen years in prison is the request that the Valladolid Prosecutor’s Office has maintained this Monday for a man with LAAC initials for sexual assault on a 22-month-old girl, great-granddaughter of her ex-partner in whose mouth, allegedly, she inserted her penis taking advantage of a visit to the family home.

The Provincial Court has held the trial during these days, which has been public, and has been seen for sentencing. In the courtroom, despite the explanations of the fifty-year-old, the public prosecution has been convinced of the guilt of the defendant, who is charged with a crime of sexual assault on a minor under 16 years of age with carnal access through the mouth and has requested, in addition to the quoted custodial sentence, probation for ten years after release from prison and the payment of compensation, in respect of non-pecuniary damages, of 9,000 euros.

In his statement, the defendant explained that that day he was deeply intoxicated and he has admitted having taken out his penis in the presence of the minor, but without having put it in her mouth and not even having tried, according to legal sources informed Ep.

An uncle of the girl who witnessed the events has assured that he was playing Play in the room and saw LAAC sexually assault the girl at first and try to do it again on a second occasion but without success, statements that, according to the defense, are contradictory with respect to what was said at the time.

For her part, the girl’s mother acknowledged that the alleged aggressor was very intoxicated, after having ingested half a bottle of Whyte Label and two liter bottles of beer, and has warned that her little girl, since the day of the events, has great difficulty sleeping and is afraid of the dark.

Crime of exhibitionism

The defendant’s defense, who has maintained his request for a fine of 1,440 euros for the crime of exhibitionism and probation for a period of one year, since, in accordance with the allegation of his sponsor, he maintains that there was no oral penetration, and alternatively he has requested from the court a sentence of four years in prison for the crime of sexual abuse of a minor under 16 years of age, with the aggravating circumstance under four years old and mitigating drunkenness.

The events occurred on the afternoon of May 20, 2020 in the home of a town in Valladolid occupied by the mother of the little girl and her boyfriend, to whom the defendant, in his 50s, went to visit them since previously had kept a romantic relationship with the great-grandmother of the alleged victim and her mother’s grandmother.

Once there, LAAC had a conversation with the girl’s mother in the kitchen and then went to the room of the girl, who was 22 months old at the time and who was accompanied by a brother, the mother playing with the console.

It was then, always according to the public accusation, when the defendant, notoriously affected by the consumption of alcohol, sat on a chair, took his penis through the fly of his pants and inserted it into the girl’s mouth.

The girl’s uncle and her mother’s brother noticed the situation and he took a photo with his mobile in which the moment in which the accused is with the penis outside his pants is appreciated, not the alleged sexual assault.

It so happens that the defendant, who has been in provisional prison for these events since May 29, 2020, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison by the Second Criminal Section of the Valladolid Hearing, by virtue of a final judgment dated February 17, 2005, by the commission of a crime of sexual assaultHence the recidivism applied to him in this new case.

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