They ask for a solution to the “continuous” power outages in towns in the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara




United Left of Castilla-La Mancha has demanded an urgent solution to the “continuous” power outages that occur in the municipality of Zarzuela de Jadraque and in other towns in the Sierra Norte of the province of Guadalajara.

The regional coordinator of IU, Juan Ramón Crespo, has held a meeting with the mayor of Zarzuela de Jadraque, Miguel Angel Moreno Casas, who has transferred the main problems that their neighbors are suffering, as reported by the coalition in a press release.

«The problem of cut off communications is being a real ordeal for people living in rural areas, since despite the fact that the Government of Castilla-La Mancha has promised on many occasions the arrival of fiber optics to all municipalities, the fact is that it has not yet reached these small municipalities, which suffer continuous power outages, ”Crespo pointed out.

They also demand “terrestrial communications in decent conditions, especially in the headwaters of regions and mainly for the connection with Guadalajara capital, with sufficient frequencies to be in the same conditions as the rest of the larger municipalities.”

“For our municipality and the rest of the Sierra Norte, road communications are essential so that our neighbors have the possibility of traveling to other places and connecting and backing up the territory,” both leaders pointed out.

For his part, Miguel Ángel Moreno Casas has also claimed the Communities Board “A department of advice and help to small municipalities for the preparation of projects and justification of subsidies”, since “with secretarial staff who barely spend 25 percent of the day in the municipality, they do not have the material time to carry out this kind of cumbersome and bureaucratic documentation ”.

In another vein, Moreno has explained another of the serious problems that occur in the Sierra Norte, such as insecurity. «The troops of the State Security Forces and Bodies they are very scarce and many municipalities to alleviate this insecurity we have had to pay for security cameras, without any type of financial assistance from any institution, “he lamented.

For this reason, it has requested “a greater presence of police officers and the placement of security cameras or any other device at the main crossroads of our roads.”

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