They evict a Metro convoy after receiving a stone in the driver’s cabin




The stone hit the driver’s cabin squarely as it passed through the Rivas Urbanizaciones and Puerta de Arganda stations. A convoy of Metro line 9b was attacked last Sunday from the top of a bridge for reasons that are being investigated. The events took place around 9:45 p.m. when one or more individuals they threw a large block before taking flight. The train then advanced to the next stop, where the travelers were evicted. Fortunately, there was only material damage to regret.

Company sources confirmed the incident to this newspaper yesterday once the corresponding complaint was made. The cabin suffered the breaking of the front window, which forced the vehicle to leave circulation and be sent to garages to undertake its repair. After the coup, the driver and a line technician notified the security personnel and the Civil Guard, who went to the enclave to investigate what had happened.

«I had not traveled on the metro for a long time, but today returning from Madrid at 9:50 p.m., one minute from arriving at Rivas Urbanizaciones station, a huge noise and a hint of derailment broke the tranquility of the trip. Some criminal (there is no other qualifier) ​​had thrown a huge stone … The noise was so loud that those of us in front thought of a terrorist attack “, one of the passengers denounced on social networks.

Second pitch

At the beginning of November, a group of hooded men attacked a bus of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT), throwing part of a cobblestone and eggs. The rubble broke the glass and fell on a seat, without affecting any traveler. The events broke out in the middle of the afternoon in the street of Fuentespina (district of Villa de Vallecas), after several young people, dressed in hoods and masks, crouched waiting for the step of the line 63 vehicle to carry out the dangerous act of vandalism. Panic spread among the passengers, some forced to fall to the ground due to the proximity to the place of impact.

It is not the first time this type of incident they occur in other parts of the region. In 2018, the National Police investigated the throwing of stones at vehicles from pedestrian bridges of the A-3, in the section that runs between the M-40 and the M-50. In 2009, a group of teenagers caused chaos in the area of ​​the M-30 that runs between the Costa Rica tunnel and the Ramón y Cajal bridge. The risk of these actions grows exponentially according to the road or section of track –in the last of these cases– where the artifacts are dumped.

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