“They have discovered that I am not a radical independentista”



Politics enters the campaign for the elections in Barcelona. Jordi Majó, a former candidate for the presidency of Barça in 2003 and 2015, was announced this morning with great fanfare as a new member of the candidacy of Victor Font, one of the great favorites to replace Josep María Bartomeu at the command of the Barça club.

“Víctor Font has decided to add Majó’s talent and ability to the ‘Sí al Futuro’ project. He will be part of the Board of Directors and will contribute his experience in the economic, business and institutional fields if Font is elected president, said the note sent to the media.

However, less than four hours later, Font’s candidacy issued a second statement ending Majó’s connection with his candidacy: «We have been aware of expressions expressed by Jordi Majó on social networks that are absolutely incompatible with the principles of Yes to the future, based on the most scrupulous democratic culture. And he threw balls out about his incorporation: «Unlike the rest of the council members of Sí al Futuro, with whom we have been working for a long time, it was Jordi Majó himself who, recently, proposed to join our project after having been evaluating if he presented his own candidacy. At that time, Yes to the Future valued his experience and knowledge of the Barcelona world, and the fact of having been a pioneer in promoting electronic voting.

“Now that we know these expressions, far from the democratic principles that this pre-candidacy defends, from Yes to the future we renounce their incorporation,” the note ended.

Apparently, they would be certain comments from Majó against pro-independence politicians and Podemos who would have caused the rupture. «I was integrated into this candidacy, because they are working correctly. Today they discovered that I am not a radical independentista, they think that I am from VOX or who knows, but I am normal and I have my criteria. But we are in a Barça election, not a political one, “Majó lamented in statements in COPE Sports.

“I have a specific ideology, I believe that a lot of damage has been done to Catalonia and I have criticized politicians with certain actions. But the issue is that they do not find out that fifty percent of the partners have another ideology, in the 140,000 partners there are various ideologies, “he appealed.

«I thought that with Víctor Font we were united by affection for Barça, but it turns out that this already depends on whether you are from one political sign or another. What surprises me is that they discovered it this morning, after the statement, “he continued.

“I was not running for the elections in Catalonia in February, I was running for those of Barça in January,” he reacted.

«But boy, I’m very calm and I’ll say mine. I cannot allow myself to be called undemocratic, when what is democratic is to accept different ways of thinking, “concluded Jordi Majó.

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