This is how Antonio David Flores intimidates critical journalists



Antonio David Flores
He claims to be the victim of a smear campaign, of a summer snake that seeks to undermine the same honor that he put up for sale in 2012 when he asked for 60,000 euros to narrate, in the first person, how his daughter brutally attacked Rocio Carrasco.

An episode for which the minor was convicted and that the former Civil Guard wanted to tell, without any kind of blush, in an interview in ‘Save me Deluxe’ that never happened. Carlota Corredera, former director of the Telecinco interview space, explained this weekend that, far from being sad about the events that occurred, Antonio David “He was happy and felt victorious, full and triumphant.”

During that stage, Antonio David He did not hesitate to share with third parties everything that was happening, making his interlocutors participate in family problems and proposing his own daughter as a witness in trials against Fidel Albiac. Antonio David premeditatedly pressured collaborators and journalists who had decided to make public sensitive documentation in which the truth about the mother-child relationship was told. Proven information that the former collaborator wanted to stop with coercion and with the search for personal information that could alter and reduce the writers.

Phantom Liens and Lawsuits

He went too far by snooping into the private lives of journalists who, among other things, made it clear that it was him – and not Rocio Carrasco– the one who had refused mediation because he considered it aberrant and unnecessary. One of those affected went to him to ask for explanations and demand that he stop communicating with people in his emotional environment whom he contacted for dangerous purposes.

Antonio David Flores during a participation in Sálvame
Antonio David Flores during a participation in Sálvame

The man from Malaga glided well through the quicksand. After all, it was not the first time that he had tried to paralyze those who were critical or who questioned his arguments. On more than one occasion, he had heated disagreements with journalists whom he warned with lawsuits that never came and with their salary garnishment. Practices that, in any case, would cease as soon as they remained on the sidelines and did not damage their image.

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