This is how Britney Spears lost control of her life … and thus she fights to regain it



Odyssey premieres on Monday the 22nd, at 10pm, the controversial documentary ‘Framing Britney Spears’, produced by ‘The New York Times’ to explain the rise and fall of the artist. She has not yet regained control of her life, after the nervous breakdown she suffered in 2007, which led her to a psychiatric facility and to lose custody of her children. At 39, he seeks to regain his own guardianship, which is currently being settled in court, although he also went so far as to declare that the #FreeBritney (free Britney) movement is a joke.

Interest in Spears is unquestionable and even logical, considering that he has sold more than one hundred million records and he has a legion of fans, quite active as well. Following the premiere of the film on Hulu, Netflix has announced that it is preparing another documentary about his life. In the background, the role of the American pink and yellow press and the alleged machismo of their attacks are analyzed. Your ex-partner, Justin Timberlake, asked for forgiveness (also to Janet Jackson) for benefiting “from a system that condones misogyny and racism.” Put more simply, he is accused of taking advantage of the publicity of his breakup to launch his own career.

In their 71 minutes duration, the legal protection of the singer is investigated and the lights and shadows of her career are reviewed, with testimonies from close people and members of the #FreeBritney movement. “She is not a girl, nor is she still a free woman”, can be read in one of the posters that the defenders of the campaign put up, demanding the immediate “release” of Spears. “His loneliness is killing me,” reads someone else’s shirt.

The documentary also highlights the macho campaign by the US media and entertainment media, who pounced on the prey as soon as they smelled the blood. ‘Framing Britney Spears’ will be available to customers of Movistar +, Vodafone TV, Orange TV, Grupo Euskaltel and Cable Local.

Happy years

Britney Spears’ rise to the pop mecca was a global phenomenon. The star emerged very young. He left Louisiana for New York and began his professional television career at age eleven, too soon, no doubt. The popularity was also excessive. Being so famous at that age is hard to digest.

Britney Spears, in her first successful years
Britney Spears, in her first successful years – Hulu

Britney also connected very well with her audience. It was very “accessible”, as an executive of the MTV chain says. Some veiled criticism came from there, such as the contradiction between her virginal age – she herself assured that she was reserved for marriage, when her relationship with Timberlake was already known – and her appearance of Lolita. All this in the midst of the scandal over the relationship between Bill Clinton Y Monica Lewinsky, which somehow marked the sexuality of the country.

The media blamed her after the breakup with Justin. She did not know how to prevent them from using her and no one was able to defend her. The paparazzi harassed her, amid episodes in her life that were already confusing enough, including her wedding, double motherhood, and divorce with Kevin Federline. Her photos driving with a baby on her lap accentuated the criticism, which intensified when she shaved her head to zero and when she hit a car with an umbrella, all perfectly documented by the hive of photographers that chased her everywhere. She lost popularity and endured it worse than other perhaps more mature artists, such as Taylor Swift, although better than Amy Winehouse, of course.

Britney Spears was in free fall, while she had to fight with Federline for the custody of her children, in an unfavorable state of mind and popularity, a battle that she ended up losing. The media laughed at her and in January 2008 she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, in a spectacular night out, which would not be the last.

There he began another even tougher war, which persists, with his father. James Spears, who declined to offer his point of view in the documentary, was appointed by a judge as a quasi-plenipotentiary guardian of his daughter’s activities, including her fortune. To this day, the singer still cannot have her money, pay with her credit cards, drive or sign a document without prior authorization. One of their battles responds to the desire that, at least in the economic part, power falls to another person designated by the authorities.

A group of admirers demonstrate in favor of Britney Spears
A group of admirers demonstrate in favor of Britney Spears – Hulu

‘Framing Britney Spears’ also shows us, on the other hand, the permanent struggle of her most fervent followers, convinced that Britney should be freed from such a rigid tutelage. At least they console themselves, now “The whole world is watching”Although there is no shortage of people who point out that she is the one who pays for the entire beach bar, including her lawyers and those of the other party, in addition to the entire system of guardianship and control of her assets.

Among the testimonies included in the documentary, that of Felicia Culotta, a family friend who traveled with Spears for much of her career; Kim kaiman, the marketing executive who originally helped create Spears’s image; Vivian Lee Thoreen, a lawyer currently working to regain her guardianship; Y Adam Streisand, the lawyer Spears tried to hire in the early days to confront her father.

The documentary is part of the second season of ‘The Weekly’, a documentary series produced by ‘The New York Times’, which Odyssey offers exclusively in Spain. The premiere can also be seen at Select, a general television channel recently launched by AMC Networks on Vodafone TV and Orange TV.

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