this is how the cold is fought in classrooms with the windows open due to the coronavirus




More than twenty municipalities and schools in the Valencian Community, but also in other parts of Spain, such as Huelva, Córdoba, A Coruña or Albacete, have been interested in taking over the «Mantaescola» which has begun to be used in schools in the Valencian town of Ontinyent.

It is a garment – manufactured by the Textils Mora company, with a price between 16 and 18 euros and that the City Council distributes free of charge to Infant students – designed so that students can be “at ease and at an ideal temperature” despite having the windows open to prevent coronavirus infections.

The idea arose, as Ontinyent’s Education Councilor, Óscar Borrell, explained to Europa Press Television when they visited an institute in the municipality near the mountain and they realized the cold that entered the classrooms by keeping the windows open to ventilate the spaces following the anti-Covid recommendations of the CSIC and the Generalitat Valenciana.

From there, and taking advantage of the importance of the textile industry in the town, the “mantaescola” has been launched, a poncho-shaped outerwear that allows children “to be able to work, since they have their hands free”, while they are “safe” and at an “ideal temperature”, says the mayor.

According to the manufacturer’s information, the blanket is made of 300-gram microfiber polyester, “with a super soft touch and is resistant to multiple washes.” Furthermore, «this type of composition has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties»And has the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 environmental quality seal.

The municipal corporation distributes this Wednesday about 1,200 of these ponchos for free among the Infant students of the population. In addition, it plans to start meetings with educational centers and AMPA to study formulas that allow the distribution of another 5,000 units in the coming weeks for Primary and Secondary students with half the subsidized cost.

Borrell has commented that in the center where the pilot experience has been developed, everyone is “very happy and grateful for the initiative” and “the teachers themselves tell us that they have called colleagues to ask for information for their schools.”

In fact, the councilor asserts that since the initiative was made public, both the City Council and the company have received numerous calls from various places in Spain and the Valencian Community to get hold of these garments.

“The company has had a very intense weekend in which they have been working and so will this bridge to be able to serve the orders,” he said.

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