This is how vaccination against Covid-19 advances in Castilla y León




A “Good rhythm”, reached one percent of the population of Castilla y León some days. So toVaccination against Covid-19 advances in the Community. Dependent, of course, on the arrival of doses, which do not have a stable calendar that allows scheduling the inoculations that are already being done on a massive scale in sports halls, auditoriums …

I know have administered 696,802 doses among the three authorized (Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca) and there are 233,345 people who have received the complete guideline. It supposes, as highlighted by the Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, that one in five Castilian and Leonese people have already been vaccinated with at least one dose and that the 9.7 percent of the population has received both punctures that suppose the immunity against the coronavirus.

To be able to continue at this rate, the Board estimates that in “30 or 50 days” 70 percent of the population of Castilla y León will have been inoculated with at least one dose, which would lead to starting June and summer not with the group or herd immunity sought, but very advanced.

And where more progress has been made is in the oldest groups, those who are “more at risk” when contracting SARS-Cov-2 and are more likely to end up in hospital, have to be transferred to the ICU and even die . A) Yes, Among those over 90 years old, 85.4 percent already have the complete pattern inoculated and 93.4 had received at least one puncture.

Among those over 80 years of age, almost half (47.2 percent) He has already been vaccinated with the two doses of the three drugs required by the drugs that have been administered in Spain so far. And about one in ten already have a dose.

And in the group of between 60 and 69 years, for whom the AstraZeneca is currently addressed, also “Go very fast”, as Casado has highlighted. 21.5 percent of this population group – which is being called en masse by years of birth – already has at least one shot from the vaccine in their body.

“Do not delay”

The counselor has influenced the ‘importance of not delaying’ vaccination, come to the call, which is having a “good response”, because the benefits far outweigh the risks.

The vaccination of the older groups is already being noticed in a positive way. In nursing homes, mortality associated with Covid-19 has practically disappeared and the incidence in those over 80 years of age has dropped “spectacularly”s.

The vaccination strategy will be aimed especially at those over 60 years -and even over 50- given that it is the group that presents the most “risks”.

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