this is the GoPro ‘app’ capable of mounting your own videos

All we use GoPro We know of the madness that the manufacturer of action cameras has had with its applications. In recent years there have been times when we could find up to three different editing ‘apps’: GoPro Studio, for the computer, GoPro’s own application, for the mobile, and Quik, to edit the videos.

At first, the company chose to unite the applications, then it separated them again, and now again all the options are gathered in a single platform. That’s right, GoPro has disappeared and there is only GoPro Quik. And at ABC we have spent a few weeks testing all the tools it offers.

of the importance of generating an ecosystem; to close the circle and that its users not only take photos and video with their cameras, but also edit and store them on their servers. The company started with paid storage, and has now moved on to premium edition with themes and exclusive music for the content they capture with their devices.

Cameras like GoPro’s have little competition at that level of quality, they serve a very specific niche, but it is very difficult to grow in. Nick Woodman, the CEO of the company, already said, the GoPro customer does not buy a camera, but the images that he will later share or save, and not everyone is an expert editing video. For that reason, and to reach a wider audience, Quik, which is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store, has been filled with automation, especially for paying users, the rest will continue to see the same templates and music that were already on the platform.

The cost of unlimited storage in the Quik cloud is 49.99 euros per year, which means that it is 4 euros per month, an interesting option if we generate huge amounts of content. It has no rival. Google Photo, for example, is infinitely more expensive. You can upload all the content stored on your phone to Quik and it will make a copy in the cloud, but the integration of the application with the system is not the same as that of the Google application.

Premium songs and music cost 1.99 euros per month or 9.99 euros per year. It is not a lot of money, but the option with space in the cloud that already includes everything is more interesting.

Editing your own videos

In addition to free storage for all that content that we import to Quik, wherever it comes from, the most interesting thing is how the application generates videos from the selected content to the rhythm of the chosen music, and with quite successful transitions. The most interesting templates and the best original GoPro music are those that are paid. The result, without retouching anything, is quite good. Artificial intelligence does its job well and, if we also spend a few minutes to better choose the content and eliminate some cuts, the final video can be quite successful.

Evidently, this does not mean that Quik works miraclesIf the content is of poor quality, nothing can be done. In the tests carried out by ABC the best result is obtained with videos from different perspectives, even with several cameras.

It is noted that the premium themes and music are of better quality than the free ones, although there are only a few. Creating them, however, is a fairly straightforward task. To do this, we must import the content we want to use and Quik automatically offers us a first edition that we can adjust in time, with various filters and transitions from the mobile. Frame extraction and video playback time modification are also very useful.

Although the application has good usability, and it is remarkable what can be done only from the phone, it needs to be more stable. Within a few weeks of using it, for example, it stopped accepting images, and old editions are very difficult to retrieve. GoPro is improving Quik little by little, and the results of the premium templates and music are quite good, at least for an edition made on mobile and practically automatic.

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