This is the largest Bethlehem in the world with which Alicante aspires to the Guinness record




The largest nativity scene in the world is already assembled in Alicante and almost quadruple the height of the current Guinness record, registered in Mexico in 1999, which was five meters high compared to the 18,5 del Nacimiento in the Mediterranean capital, which aspires to unseat that brand and has already presented the official report with the measurement of an accredited architect.

This has been highlighted by councilor of Alicante Town Hall Festivities, Manuel Jimenez, in statements to Europa Press Television, who has been hopeful that as of this Tuesday the city of Alicante can hold a Guinness record with this work by the well-known master bonfire José Manuel García Esquiva ‘Pachi‘.

“We wanted to share the magic of Christmas in a different way and achieve something that nobody had,” said Jiménez who also believes that this record “will favor al Commerce and the hostelry»Of the city, in the current adverse situation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The realization of this work and its assembly has involved a cost of 70.400 euros in this first year, and another 23,000 euros approximately in the following two years for those responsible for this giant Nativity scene “to store, restore and reassemble this work.”

For other years

Once the three-year contract ends, these figures from the Bethlehem will already be the property of the consistory, which from that date will have to bear the costs of “keeping, guarding and subsequently carrying out their installation,” Jiménez has indicated.

Figures that have been very criticized by the opposition, as is the case of the group of Commitment at the Alicante City Council, who described it as “obscene” that the municipal government team “spent” this amount of money.

The assembly works are carried out with cranes as in the Bonfires of Alicante
The assembly works are carried out with cranes as in the Bonfires of Alicante – EFE

What Jiménez considers to be an “out of place” comment and has explained that for this project a public tender to “favor commerce and hospitality”, and that the artists of fallas and fogueres “could work and survive in these difficult times.”

In this sense, the Alicante Town Councilor recalled that this initiative responds to the demand by the pandemic recovery commission, with all the productive sectors of the city represented, and the tourism commission, in order to celebrate “certain type of activities and generate public visits ».

Finally, this initiative, proposed as a “static and safe” Christmas representation, has been built by ten artists of the Valencian Community and from the consistory have reiterated that it is an “investment” together with the “Alicante industry” that after the first three years will be “property” of the Alicante consistory.

Hotel satisfaction

“What matters to us is the opinion of the city’s productive sector, which has congratulated us and supported these initiatives that we understand are necessary for the city,” he assured.

Several residents of Alicante have come to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento this Monday to take photos of this giant Nativity scene that could be the next Guinness record in the city.

Many of them have been “very happy” for the initiative and consider that this set of figures from Bethlehem is “monumental” and also has a “differentiated” character with respect to other nativity scenes.

«It seems appropriate for the moment we live in. Other years it would have seemed like an expense to me but right now it seems like a investment because you have to move the economy, “said a neighbor who thought it was a” very good idea “to” show our traditions. “

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