this Monday begins the vaccination of people over 80 years




The Galician Health Service (Sergas) has already begun to vaccinate the population over 80 years of age, considered one of the priority groups. Thus, from this Monday they will receive more than 200,000 people belonging to this group the first dose of the vaccine. Last Friday a pilot test was carried out in Santiago and Barbanza.

“It’s a huge relief”, says María Luisa Lago, one of these first vaccinated people, in her case at the Casa del Mar Health Center (La Coruña). Lago, excited, assures that “she was looking forward” to be called and that, when they did, she was “very happy.”

On the other hand, the person who gives the vaccines is Carmiña Amado, a nurse from the same Health Center. He says he has been in the profession for 40 years, but assures that never felt “as useful as now”. Grateful, she explains that people “responded very well.”

As confirmed to Ep by the Department of Health, they cannot quantify the number of doses that will be used at the beginning of the vaccination of this group because it will depend on the shipments committed by the central government. In addition, although the same sources of Sanidade have highlighted that the appeal of these people has begun, they are still working on the preparation of lists. “If there are no contingencies with the shipments (of vaccines)”, they have added, this process, which will be carried out only with doses of Pfizer, in people over 80 years it is expected to extend until “the first week of May.”

Although the bulk of the vaccination of this group will begin on Monday, on Friday, February 19, a pilot test was carried out as a trial. Specifically, eight special vaccination teams in the Santiago and Barbanza health area began to give the first doses to people in this group in eight centers where 569 people over 80 have been summoned, who will receive the second in three weeks.

Vaccination points

On the part of the Consellería de Sanidade it has been explained that for the vaccination of those over 80 years of age the vaccination points, due to the conditions of transport and conservation of the doses, It will take place in the health centers of the seven large Galician cities and in the main centers or Continuous Attention Points (PAC) outside of them.

In this way, the Xunta foresees that this vaccination process of people over 80 years of age is carried out at 400 points. In addition, the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, advanced after the clinical committee on February 15, that in the event that “for reasons of mobility” they cannot move, they will go “to the home of each one of them.”

The Galician president has estimated that, by percentage of the population over 80 years old, this group corresponds to 8.2 percent of the doses in the current phase.

Special team

In the Santiago and Barbanza health area this week a team of ten general service workers and a coordinator began to contact more than 34,000 octogenarians that remain to be vaccinated and that will be added to the more than 3,000 already vaccinated in social and sanitary residences.

In this way, the nurses of eight vaccination teams in the area will move from this Monday 22 and gradually to the 16 vaccination points in which until Friday 26 will be cited 5,500 people over 80 years. Sergas has established seven specific teams -one per health area- of administration and Primary Care services personnel to call to schedule appointments based on the vaccines that are available weekly.

In the specific case of Orrense health area A special summons team for vaccination against Covid-19 began this Wednesday the 17th the summons of the 32,626 people from Ourense over 80 years of age to vaccinate them from this February 22, simultaneously in the 20 health centers that will host this campaign throughout the province.

This team is made up of ten professionals and a coordinator, all of them administrative of Primary Care, has highlighted the Ourense health area that points out that the vaccination of this “risk group” in the province “will suppose an organizational and logistical challenge” both “due to its dispersion and volume”, since it implies the 12% of the population of Orrense -36,529 people-.

The same sources point out that of those people, almost 10% (3,903) live in residencesTherefore, “they are already vaccinated with both doses,” an experience that allows us to approach this new phase with safety and optimism. The vaccination will take place in the Primary Care Services, which include the six health centers in the city of Orrense and the county seats.

The campaign will be carried out by the 11 special vaccination teams, made up of 22 primary school nurses, who have already vaccinated more than a hundred socio-sanitary residences and the personnel of the Primary Care centers and the three hospitals, which will continue this week. For this, this health area 4,400 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine will be available next week.

Rest of areas

For its part, the area of La Coruña and Cee began last Wednesday to call, through his special summons team, the almost 45,000 people over 80 years of age in his area to vaccinate them as of February 22 at the 23 health centers that will host the campaign throughout the area.

The specific team from the Pontevedra and O Salnés area began on Thursday, February 18, telephone contact with some 22,000 citizens over 80 years of age to begin the vaccination campaign in this group on Monday, February 22. It will be carried out by six specific teams made up of twelve Primary Care nursing professionals in 15 health centers in this area.

For their part, sources from Vigo health area They have specified to Europa Press that as of Monday they will vaccinate some 4,800 people over 80 years old in the first week, at a rate of approximately a thousand a day.

In this case, it will have 10 vaccination teams that will travel to the 20 vaccination centers planned, among those located in the city of Vigo and in the headwaters of the region. Thus, this area plans to vaccinate some 37,000 older people, who will join another almost 3,000 already immunized in residences.

While, the Ferrol area estimates during the first week to vaccinate 2,000 people in this age group for which a team of eight people began to cite last Wednesday.

In this area, which has 16,652 people over 80 years of age, there are six vaccination teams, made up of two nursing professionals each (a total of 12), specifically trained to protect against Covid-19 that They will go to 10 Primary Care centers to administer the doses.

And in the area health of Lugo, A Mariña and Monforte It is planned, sources have confirmed, to vaccinate about 850 people over 80 years of age daily in the health centers of all the service capitals and PAC.

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