This weekend, the Optimist Vanguard Meeting in La Coruña




The Abanca Week returns after a break forced by Covid19, and it does so with the Aurelio Fernández Lage Trophy, legendary president of the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña, the Optimist Vanguard Meeting that is held in the Herculine bay this weekend with more of a hundred boats, among which there will be no shortage of the youngest promises of sailing in the Spanish northwest. The competition will take place throughout Saturday and Sunday, with the first heat beginning on Saturday at the edge of two in the afternoon.

The event was presented at the Palacio de María Pita, an act presided over by the councilor for sports from Coruña Mónica Martínez, who was accompanied by the widow of the unforgettable Aurelio, Jane Rogerts … Bradan Fombellida, director of Vanguard Marine, José Manuel Vilariño de Abanca, Iria Rodríguez de Gadis, as well as the Commodore of the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña, Jorge Etcheverría.

Jane Roberts exhibited the great trophy in which the winner appears on its base and that her club will host until the next edition. This piece made by the late Malde and is of great artistic and sentimental value.

At the starting line will be more than a hundred optimists from the clubs of Canido, Baiona, Oza, La Coruña, Sada, Riveira, Aguete, Rodeira, Sanxenxo, Ferrol and Vigo… being those who have the most numerous expeditions: Real Club Náutico of La Coruña, Real Club Náutico de Vigo, Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo, Club Maritimo de Canido and Real Club Náutico Rodeira.

The Náutico de La Coruña will have no less than six optimists who are located in the top ten of the Galician Federation, highlighting the number one Martín Mijares. The Marítimo de Canido has in its ranks number two in the ranking; Miguel Rodríguez.

The best girl from Pontevedra will be racing through Sanxenxo: Natalia Domínguez from Pontevedra, who is sixth in the global ranking… female number two is Pepa Bermúdez de Castro from La Coruña.

It stands out for the Náutico de Vigo Inés Ameneiro, for Rodeira Daniel Paz, for Oza Juan Viejo… son of the former world champion Antonio Viejo… for Riveira Bruno Iglesias, for Ferrol Marta Torres, for the Monte Real de Baiona Martín Montes and Aitana Pérez, by Aguete Saleta Oltra

In addition to being immersed in the Abanca Week, it is officially qualifying … keeping in mind the obligatory health controls and has a great technical staff, with Chcu Pérez Lafuente at the head of the Regatta Committee, and Manuel Rodríguez Moreno from Vigo in the Jury.

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