Tierra Sabor contributes 225,000 euros to the Food Bank, Red Cross and Cáritas to serve the most needy




The mark of the yellow heart Land of Flavor has shown its most social side this Saturday with the contribution of 225.000 euros for the Food Bank, Red Cross and Cáritas in Castilla y León to serve people who have difficulties in accessing food products, which during these months of pandemic have increased.

Each of the social entities will receive 75,000 euros for the acquisition and subsequent distribution of agri-food products, especially non-perishable, protected by the Castilian and Leonese guarantee mark.

It is a “mutual collaboration”, explained the Minister of Agriculture, Jesus Julio Carnero, during the presentation of the initiative. And is that the grant awarded will collaborate with the entities, but also with the producers of Tierra de Sabor, which brings together farmers, ranchers, artisans and small and large agri-food industries in the region.

The yellow heart mark thus contributes to the labor «priceless»That the three organizations develop in the Community and advance in your social facet, something established in its new roadmap and that will continue to be developed, according to the counselor.

For their part, the Food Bank, Cáritas and the Red Cross have thanked the Ministry of Agriculture for their support, a message that was also sent by the Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Isabel Blanco, present at the event.

The president of the Federation that brings together the ten food banks of the Community, Jesús Mediavilla, has expressed that the contribution of Tierra de Sabor comes at an important moment. «We are living a difficult situation, in which people in need are more and more», Has indicated.

Along the same lines, the president of Cáritas Castilla y León, Antonio Martín, has highlighted not only the importance of the financial amount, but also the coordination and joint work to face the “Real needs” of the regional population.

«Covid-19 significantly affects the entire population, but aggravates its impact on the most vulnerable“, Stressed the president of the regional Red Cross, José Varela, who has detailed that with the contribution of the guarantee mark it is possible to” broaden the objectives initially planned “by the humanitarian organization and expand its support to the people who come to it. demanding help.

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