TM Real Estate Group boosts its agricultural business with 1.5 million and a warehouse of 3,000 square meters




TM Real Estate Group, an Alicante company specialized in the construction and promotion of second homes along the Mediterranean coast, expands its agricultural business line, with the launch of ‘Las Moreras Fruit & Veggies’, which implies
an investment of 1.5 million
euros and the construction of one of the most modern warehouses in Europe.

With this line of business, the company takes a further step specializing in the packaging, marketing and export of its own brand, private label or third party products, in addition to launching online sales and direct sales through a tienda gourmet. All this, with the aim of putting in value the different farms that they already had in operation, offering service and support to local producers and contributing to the sustainable development of the Vega Baja del Segura region.

The new brand incorporates the name of one of the group’s most iconic farms, Las Moreras, located between Almoradí and Los Montesinos, the origin of pioneering initiatives in agricultural management since the 19th century.

Las Moreras Fruit & Veggies gains momentum with the construction of a modern warehouse of more than 3,000 m2 with expansion possibilities and an initial investment of 1.5 million euros. Facilities equipped with the latest technology in machinery and energy efficiency, for the commercialization of citrus fruits both traditional and ecological.

Currently the agricultural division has more than 150 hectares in operation in different farms in the Vega Baja where lemons, oranges, mandarins and limes of different varieties are mainly grown, but also almonds and vegetables.

Las Moreras Fruit & Veggies has the sustainability as a reference. The location of the plant on the grounds of the farm favors, on the one hand, the reduction of times between harvesting and packaging, ensuring the freshness of the product, and on the other, total control over the process, guaranteeing the highest quality. The sustainable management of water resources and the use of renewable energies with a cover of the latest generation photovoltaic panels also stand out.

Exports to Europe and America

With a presence at the local, regional and national level, they export to Europe in countries such as Holland, Poland, Italy, Denmark, France and Malta, among others. This last year, the international export has started, with great success, in Colombia. In the short term, it seeks to consolidate expansion at the local and national level, in addition to opening other markets such as the United Kingdom and Germany.

In the words of Jesus Serna, general director of Diversification, «the agriculture of the Vega Baja is rich and one of the best in our country. The primary sector, and specifically the citrus sector, is very mature and is very changeable. We are aware that there is a lot of competition and that the greatest challenge is to have an infrastructure that guarantees traceability, freshness and the essence of the product, and to give the local farmer the opportunity to bring his product closer to the international market ”.

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