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Two pieces of artillery of Felipe II rescued on the Costa da Morte

The 16th century cannon was loaded when divers from the Ferrol Diving Unit lifted it out of the water on April 15 at Cabo Corrubedo, but not with any ball destined to sink an English ship. In the dark interior of the bronze shaft, a private tenant had stayed, a good-sized octopus who decided to leave his home just as the piece was taken out of the sea, to the delight of the public who had come to witness the rescue operation. .

The biography of Philip Roth, from ‘best seller’ to fiasco after the accusations of sexual assault against its author

The writer Blake Bailey, the author of a biography of Philip Roth that was published in the United States in early April, has been accused by several women of having harassed or sexually assaulted. After knowing these accusations, his literary agent ‘broke’ with him and his publisher suspended the promotion of the book, considered one of the great ‘best sellers’ of the season in the North American country.

Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba: «If we serve to dust a little of the native rock, welcome to it»

Petarlo with your first album is very good. But when the time comes to confirm that it was not a stroke of luck, and you manage to pass the test, that is great. The sevillians Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba, who woke up toasts to the cry of ‘there is hope!’ In rock clubs when they debuted, they gon ‘get it with ‘Black thread’, that second album that makes the legs tremble so much to the groups of season.

The councilor who wants to remove the Spanish references from the San Diego coat of arms: “It’s time to relegate symbols”

The will to unload the weight of the grievous racial injustice in the United States on the historical patrimony is taking a toll on the Spanish legacy in that American nation. After the demolition of statues of Fray Junípero Serra Y Juan de Oñate and the prohibition of celebrating the day of Christopher Columbus On October 12, it was the turn of the San Diego shield, which incorporates elements very typical of the Spanish heritage: the caravel of discoveries, the mission bell and the columns of the old territorial jurisdiction of Spain. Last week, the Democratic Californian city councilman Joe LaCava He proposed opening a process to change the coat of arms because it, as it is now, “erases the history of the indigenous peoples who populated this land long before us, and glorifies those who usurped it.” The councilor is now explaining his plans to ABC.

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