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Bunbury: “We already gave away our music on Spotify, giving away concerts would be the last straw”

For Enrique BunburyAs for the Beatles at the time, there has come a time when studio work is more exhilarating than touring the world. Yesterday, at the presentation conference «Intensive levitation course», his new album, ABC asked him if he shared, to a greater or lesser extent, the reflection on this matter made by Glenn Gould, the pianist who made the variations of Bach: “When I was young, it made sense to play live. But there came a time when it became nonsense, because there is nothing where less imagination is cast than in a concert. You have to play the same songs, practically the same way, until they are exhausted ». “I am increasingly concerned about the interpretation of a handful of songs over many months, repeatedly”, answered the question the handy musician. «Now I’m going to prepare another tour, and even if I only play the songs on the new album, interpreting them for seventy, eighty times, well … there has come a time when I thought I could do shorter tours, and I could go out more always happy on stage ». Even so, the former Heroes del Silencio assures: «When I go up on stage the nonsense runs out, I feel the pleasure of communicating with the public, and I feel the pleasure of what we musicians create, by making songs that move people who has come to see us. But it is true that when I am at home for a long time, I realize that I could go on like this much longer perfectly.

Josep Carreras: «I regret having sung some roles, but I will not say which ones»

Even a singer who has published two autobiographies has little to say on paper. Josep Carreras receives ABC Cultural at the headquarters of his Foundation against Leukemia, in Barcelona, ​​for a conversation that is not an interview. Snowy white hair, graceful demeanor, soft voice, good mood pills. There is in the eyes of the teacher the spark of one who resists retirement, cultivating a keen memory of dates, roles and cities, and who does not miss that fifty years ago he made his debut in the Gran Teatro del Liceu as the leading tenor in Lucrezia Borgia, accompanying Montserrat Caballé, assoluta diva. And a litany that sprinkles his speech: at 74 years old says he feels “very lucky” with what life has given him, which has not been little, either personally or professionally.

A family unexpectedly discovers a treasure trove of gold coins from the Tudor dynasty in their garden

A family from the New Forest (England) who was working their garden has found by surprise an important treasure trove of coins from the Tudor dynasty, with some importance even for the unusual inscribed matrimonial component of Henry VIII, as reported by “The Guardian”.

Galdós’s “erotic” letters to Emilia Pardo Bazán were not destroyed

A few weeks ago, Lara Sánchez, president of the Soy de la Cuesta Association, which represents the booksellers of the most literary street in Madrid, was preparing, as the closing of the Galdós Year, a program of dramatized readings of the love letters they exchanged the writer and Emilia Pardo Bazán. But, of course, he had to pull his imagination, because although we know the unbridled passion that the Galician author displayed in all the letters she sent to her «miquiño», we know nothing about what the writer transmitted to the one who, for almost three years, was her lover.

Extraordinary digital project of the treasures of Mount Athos in all its splendor

In a beautiful peninsula in northern Greece there is a unique Orthodox monastic community in the world: it is the Mount Athos Community, a set of twenty Orthodox Christian monasteries, multiple chapels, hermitages and cells, located in the so-called third “finger” of theto the Jalkidikí peninsula, about an hour’s drive from Thessaloniki. A largely mountainous area with a community of more than a thousand monks (the exact number is never known) that was inhabited since ancient times but is best known for its Orthodox monks, who began to settle in their land from sVdC. 336 kilometers squares. Seventeen are Greek monasteries, the rest being one Serbian (Jilandaríu), another Russian (San Pantaleón) and the third Bulgarian (Zografu).

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