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If you want to be up to date with all Today’s news updates, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the best headlines of the Thursday, August 19 that you should not miss, like these:

A serious legal political error

The mayor of Gijón has announced that the City Council will not extend the concession contract for the El Bibio bullring -it was possible to do so for one more year, 2022- and that from now on it will not put out to tender the organization of bullfighting shows in the gijonés arena, which is municipally owned. The legality of that decision -competence of the mayor’s office as a contracting body, as Ana González underlined- does not prevent it from being a serious political error whose effects, in the form of an expansive wave, remain to be seen. And it reveals a manifest instability of judgment in the mayor, because the day before yesterday she argued, against all evidence, and with inadmissible accusations of lying to those who disagreed, that the rule of separation between people had been met during the bullfights of the recent fair of Begoña, and just 24 hours later he seizes on a fearsome pretext, the names of three of the cattle fought on Sunday, August 15 – ‘Feminist’, one, and ‘Nigerian’ the other two – as casus belli to prevent in fact that from now on there are bulls in Gijón. By now you should know that these names, which without any work can be considered unfortunate, are not an improvisation, but were inherited at birth, four years ago, from their respective mothers. Years ago, a bull named ‘Marqués’ was fought in El Bibio, with the former president of the Principality Sergio Marqués in the square, who took it with good humor and was applauded by the public.

‘Aserejé’, flamenquito in Hell

“Please, what’s so terrible about sheep’s pee?” Asked a YouTube user in a comment to the video ‘Aserejé backwards: subliminal messages’. Because the famous ‘song’ of The ketchup She was accused of satanic when she was heard in the opposite direction, for phrases like that or “I lived a widow in Malibu”, according to the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia that makes you associate a diffuse stimulus with recognizable forms, in this case the Great Goat of Lucifer. The same thing happened to Led Zeppelin and his ‘Stairway to heaven‘. The pattern is clear, these nonsense only happen to turra songs, the Devil does not appear on Bandcamp.

The black legend of the Chelsea Hotel

If the lawsuit of a woman who accuses Bob Dylan to abuse her in the Chelsea Hotel, and the career of the singer-songwriter is ended by the culture of cancellation, it would be a tremendous joke of fate. There, in one of his rooms, Dylan Thomas, the poet who inspired the artist name of the author of ‘Blowin’ in the wind ‘, died of an alcoholic coma.

Rafa Latorre, in Casa de Fieras # 07: «I have in my history a considerable amount of media that have closed»

Rafa Latorre, columnist for ‘El Mundo’ and political analyst on ‘Onda Cero’, is the sixth interviewee of Menagerie, the ABC interview podcast featuring Maria Jose Solano. The last prize Salvador de Madariaga, “a liberal without enthusiasm,” reviews in this talk a professional career in which, he says, he has witnessed the closure of various media outlets.

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