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Some unpublished notes reveal that Isaac Newton believed that the pyramids of Egypt had the key to the Apocalypse

He laid the foundations of modern physics, formulated the laws of motion and also the law of gravity, but Isaac Newton he also felt an attraction to the hidden world. His interests in alchemy and the dark branches of theology only came to light 200 years after his death and are now reflected in some unpublished notes of the mathematician auctioned by Sotheby’s for 420,000 euros.

They solve a murder of 5,000 years ago in the Tarragona site of Cova Foradada

In 1999, archaeologists found inside the Cova Foradada, in the Tarragona town of Calafell, a skull of a man in his 50s with a notable fracture. The remains were part of a Collective burial of the Final Neolithic-Chalcolithic, from between 5,060 and 4,400 years.

Pablo Alborán presents his new album «Vertigo» by surprise and in streaming, today Wednesday 9th at 8pm

Today at 8pm, a “streaming showcase” (an online concert) of Pablo Alboran on the occasion of the presentation of his album, “Vertigo”, which will be released this Friday, December 11.

An artist denounces a Los Angeles museum and the city for throwing one of his works in the trash

The artist David Lew, known as Shark Toof and who lives between Los Angeles and Detroit, has sued the Los Angeles Chinese American Museum and to the city itself for the destruction of one of its works. According to the “Los Angeles Times,” Lew claims the museum threw one of his works into the trash while it was still on display as part of an exhibition in 2018, titled “Don’t Believe the Hype: LA Asian Americans in Hip-Hop.” The exhibition, which brought together nine graffiti artists and muralists, reflected on issues such as resistance, refuge and reinvention of Asian Americans living in Los Angeles.

Bob Dylan, to the rescue of the old record world

This Monday was the musical news of the week, or of the month or perhaps of the year: Bob Dylan sells its entire catalog of songs to Universal Music. The agreement, which includes his more than six hundred published songs (so far managed by Sony), was personally closed by the artist according to the American newspaper The New York Times, which figures the disbursement of the record company in about three hundred million dollars. Six times more than what Michael Jackson paid when he acquired the Beatles catalog.

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