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This is the complete list of Paquirri’s bullfighting heritage that Isabel Pantoja has to give to her children

Long bullfighter, dominating three-thirds and with excellent athletic conditions that allowed him to rule all kinds of attacks, Paquirri he received his doctorate in Barcelona in 1966 until he became an indisputable and essential figure. In the annals of Bullfighting there are great works of his, such as the one that immortalized the torrestrella «Good luck» in Las Ventas. Francisco Rivera was born a bullfighter and died as a myth in 1984 in Pozoblanco. Such a powerful fighter, a superman, lost his life on the stage where he had won everything: the ring. And he left in the arms of the most bitter September night to become a legend.

Puy du Fou Toledo takes out the artillery: Lope de Vega, Colón and El Cid at the park’s premiere

The DeLorean could travel to the future, return to the past, and even leave a fiery trail in its wake, but in the movie of Robert Zemeckis he was unable or unwilling to go beyond the days of the cowboys of the Old West. Puy du Fou Toledo wants to demonstrate with his “dreams”, even more ambitious and remote, that Marty McFly He was just a brat when it came to breaking time. Following the success of its nightly show “The Dream of Toledo”, the French company will open its doors on March 27 to a daytime theme park with four new spaces and an ambitious plan that hopes to attract one million visitors in a few years.

Vargas Llosa: «The suppression of Spanish seems to me a limitless idiocy»

Mario Vargas Llosa this afternoon he criticized the Government for its reform of the educational law. The Peruvian Nobel Prize winner has said that “wanting to abolish Spanish is nonsense that should lead us to laugh.”

The Paquirri-Pantoja «case»: «It is very sad that someone who claims to love a person does not fulfill their will»

The laziness of Culture puts at risk the unity of an essential archive for the history of Spain

The History of Spain is cited in the Revillagigedo Archive. Its thousand long files is an essential tale of eight hundred years. A million documents that prove how Spain explored, conquered and administered a geographic area that today is occupied by Mexico, three-quarters of the United States, northwestern Canada, Central America, the Caribbean and the Philippines, as well as other areas of Europe, Asia and, of course, Spain.

More than 270 years later, the «Glorious» arrives in Cádiz among honors

It was the summer of 1747, the ship «Glorious» He was returning to Cádiz. He had previously arrived in Ferrol, to unload the four million pesos strong that he brought from America and to be repaired from two battles he had fought with English ships in the Azores and near the Galician coast. But when passing by the Portuguese coast, full of British privateers, in San Vicente he encountered several of them. Still clearly inferior, he fought heroically by sinking an English ship. Until, without ammunition and with a completely perforated hull, its commander, the captain of the ship Mesía de la Cerda, decided to lower the flag.

Was Michelangelo the Banksy of the Renaissance?

It was Michelangelo Buonarroti a Renaissance graffiti artist? An Italian historian believes that the Tuscan artist’s hand carved a caricature of a man from a stone placed on the facade of the Palazzo Vecchio, headquarters of the Florentine Town Hall in the Plaza de la Señora. New evidence leads to the belief that a popular legend that attributes to him the silhouette of a man with curly hair, who anonymously and covertly would have chiseled the genius of the Renaissance, could be true. In addition to talking about the great artistic and historical splendor in the past of the Tuscan capital, cradle of the Renaissance, the tour guides also tell some legends and curiosities of its monuments. Among them that of a small profile that, according to popular tradition, was made by Miguel Ángel Buonarroti.

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