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If you want to be up to date with all Today’s news updates, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the most important headlines of the Tuesday, June 22 that you should not miss, like these:

Two valuable paintings from the 17th century are found in a garbage container and the Police are looking for their owner

How did two valuable paintings from the 17th century to a dumpster in Middle Franconia? This is the puzzle to be solved by the police in Ohrenbach, a municipality of 615 inhabitants near Würzburg, in Bavaria, where the residents have not been talking about anything else right now since last week. They were found by one of them, a man 64-year-old who made a stop to rest and eat a snack the motorway service area ‘Ohrbach Ost’, on the A7, in the district of Ansbach. When he wanted get rid of the paper in which the now-defunct snack was wrapped, he was struck by a couple of paintings deposited there because both they wore luxurious frames.

After the controversy, Bruce Springsteen concerts will finally admit those vaccinated with AstraZeneca

Bruce Springsteen will be in charge of reopen Broadway next week. Of June 26 to September 4, his show will be the first to open the curtain on the famous theater circuit in New York after the relaxation of restrictive measures due to the pandemic.

Large technology companies are already working with the Spanish of the RAE

Two years ago, Santiago Muñoz Machado, director of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), announced the institution’s great challenge for the future: teaching machines to speak Spanish. It was no joke: with that idea he created the LEIA project, since then one of the institution’s mantras, which under his mandate is undergoing a profound modernization process. Yesterday, the academic finally presented the first concrete results of this personal endeavor, in which the great technological companies of the world are collaborating: Twitter, Facebook, Telefónica, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and company. Almost nothing.

The United States returns to Peru the Echenique Plaque, symbol of the city of Cuzco

National Museum of the American Indian
of the Smithsonian has returned to Peru what is known as Echenique plate, a pre-Columbian goldsmith work symbol of the city of Cuzco.

Summer readings: 12 books that take place in summer

It is usually the time of travel, initiation and adventure, also of excess, purge and decline. Summer is literary: it burns in moments of stillness. Not surprisingly, summer is separated from boredom by a two-letter dance. It is the time of tears and discoveries. Also of love and childhood -or its disappearance-, a time conducive to feelings and the twilight. This week has come its warmth and radiance, a time tumultuous, restless and sometimes failed like a broken promise.

“We are going to have to review everything we know about young Lope de Vega”

«It will be necessary review everything we know about young Lope »says the author of his reference biography, Antonio Sánchez Jiménez. Discuss the consequences of the discovery of a document in the Vienna State Archives that shows that Lope de Vega participated in the Invincible Armada, news advanced by ABC last Sunday. The document has caused a huge surprise among scholars of the Golden Age playwright and poet.

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