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France humbled by creative talent

Skipping the meticulous protocols and ceremonies of the Michelin Guide, the Danish chef René Redzepi (Copenhagen, 1977) has announced on Twitter that his restaurant Noma has been awarded the third star, the highest distinction of the French guide, and still the symbol of the highest recognition in the gastronomic world. It has been an advertisement at the level of his kitchen: before everyone else, alone, and through a paltry social being. This is René and we can only celebrate it.

Sergio Ramírez: «The Sandinista revolution cost me ten years of writing»

The second great stop this Monday for the writer Sergio Ramírez, after accompanying the Cuban Leonardo Padura to deposit his legacy in the Caja de las Letras del Cervantes, was the inauguration in the afternoon, at the Casa de América, of a new edition of the Central America Counts Festival, which for the first time welcomes Spain. The opening day of the meeting, promoted by Ramírez himself, which began in 2013 with the aim of contributing to the projection and dissemination of Ibero-American literature from Central America, was starred by the Cervantes Prize itself and the Nobel Mario Vargas Llosa. The two engaged in a dialogue on literature and Latin America, which was moderated by the Colombian writer Carlos Granés and editor Pilar Reyes.

Opponents and critics demand that Mexico City restore the statue of Columbus

Opponents and critics launched a petition, circulating this Sunday, to demand that the Government of Mexico City to restore the statue of Christopher Columbus on the Paseo de la Reforma, the main avenue of the capital.

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Clara Campoamor’s feminist muse

When he left Spain, during the Civil War, Clara Campoamor (Madrid, 1888) found refuge in Buenos Aires. Deputy in 1931, she was the great promoter of the female vote. This lawyer, the second to join the Madrid Bar Association, is one of the most brilliant women of the Spanish 20th century, according to her biographer, Luis Spanish Bouché.

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