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Another young black man dies in Minneapolis at the hands of the Police: “Oh shit, I shot him”

The Police of Brooklyn Center (Minnesota), a suburb of Minneapolis, has released this Monday the images of the tragic arrest of Daunte Wright, a new case in which an unarmed black citizen is killed by the security forces.

The Mapuches unearth their hatchet

«Around one o’clock in the morning my mother called me sobbing. They were attacking the house and my father was wounded by a gunshot. I went straight at full speed. Before arriving I saw the smoke. The house was on fire. We are looking for my parents around. We think that, as in other assaults, they were being held or had been kidnapped. At four in the morning they discovered two charred bodies in the rubble. It was theirs. The case of Werner Luchsinger and Vivian Mackay, who remembers their son Jorge Andrés, is being considered the most cruel that Mapuche rebel groups carried out. That emblematic episode against the farmer couple happened on January 4, 2013, but it was not and would not be the only one. Practically daily, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, the news of extortion, blockade of general roads, truck fires, bombings to electrical installations, religious temples and land occupation, at the hands of a small army of indigenous Mapuches, with demands that range from the recovery of ancestral lands to self-determination.

Biden manages to militarize immigration control in Central America

As the Administration of Donald Trump, the of Joe Biden has negotiated with the nations Central American Y Mexico a military reinforcement in its own borders to cut the problem of the flow of immigrants without papers who end up requesting asylum in the United States. By surprise, Jen Psaki, the White House spokeswoman, confirmed on Monday that Mexico those countries will deploy at least 18,500 soldiers.

Biden chooses to lead the border police to an “ultra-liberal”

Joe Biden presented his chosen one on Monday to lead the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) service, the largest federal security body in the United States, in charge of surveillance of borders and ports of access to the country. It will be Chris Magnus, until now Chief of the Police of Tucson (Arizona), linked to the progressive sectors of the Democratic Party and advocate for ‘polite’ policing, less aggressive and based on a more stable and trusting relationship with the communities they serve. Also, with less persecutory eagerness towards undocumented immigrants.

At least one killed in a Tennessee high school shooting

The Konxville Police, in the US state of Tennessee, has reported at least one dead and one police officer killed after a shooting at the Austin-East Magnet Institute in the city.

US distances itself from Netanyahu after attack on Iran

One more time, Benjamin Netanyahu He has tried to force the hand of the United States with regard to Iran, this time provoking deep concern in the White House about the future of the nuclear agreement with the Ayatollah regime. According to the Israeli press, citing their own sources, that country is responsible for a sophisticated cyberattack that has caused a devastating blackout in the centrifuges of the Natanz nuclear power plant, the epicenter of the Islamic regime’s atomic program. That attack came just when the Pentagon chief, Lloyd Austin, was visiting Israel, the first trip by a senior Biden Administration official to the area.

The death of a young black man in Minneapolis rekindles protests

The trial of the former police officer has not yet finished Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd, and Minneapolis is already facing protests and violence over another episode in which an unarmed black man is killed by police. It happened on Sunday in Brooklyn Center, a suburb just 15 kilometers from where Floyd died, and the victim was Daunte Wright, a young man of 20 years.

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