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The Maduro regime threatens: “He who does not vote on 6-D, does not eat”

Diosdado Cabello, the number two of the Nicolás Maduro regime, took out his well-known club yesterday to once again threaten Venezuelans, many of whom have been starving for years: “He who does not vote on 6-D, does not eat”, he said in reference to the parliamentary elections called for next Sunday. And it is that the policy of hunger that the Bolivarian regime uses to perpetuate itself in power has no limits or scruples.

Switzerland refuses to demand greater transparency from companies on human rights

Switzerland has held two referendums this Sunday. One of them asked about the obligation of Swiss companies and their subsidiaries to verify whether their activities abroad respect human rights and international environmental standards. The other debated whether to stop public funding of companies producing war material. In both plebiscites the “no” has won, although with an important nuance.

Biden sees his options to appease Tehran reduced

Used to all kinds of warnings to the Iranian regime, the president Donald Trump These days he is strictly silent on the death of the scientist who managed the Ayatollahs’ nuclear program, a sign that he supports Israel in whatever is necessary, and will not hold anyone to account. That silence is normal for expected, but it will be impossible to maintain by the democrat Joe Biden when he takes the witness of the presidency on January 20.

Sarkozy pleads not guilty at opening of corruption trial

Following to the letter the most legendary of the treatises of military strategy, written in China, six centuries before Christ, Nicolas sarkozy He finally opened the first day of his trial, for alleged crimes of corruption, on Monday afternoon, with a passionate attack against the accusations accumulated by the investigating judges.

Scottish nationalists resume their campaign for independence

The Brexit transition period ends on December 31, when the final divorce between the United Kingdom and the European Union is consummated. However, in the 2016 referendum the majority of Scots voted to stay in the community block, which would justify, in turn, the need to carry out a new independence consultation in the country. This is the argument made over and over by Scotland’s chief minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who yesterday closed her party’s annual congress with new pro-independence allegations. ‘Here in the UK the threat of Brexit looms. In a month’s time Scotland will be forced against our will to have a much more distant relationship with our friends across the European Union, ‘he said.

Uruguay’s “decoupling” from Argentina and Brazil sustains it in the crisis

The progressive distancing from Uruguay Regarding its two great neighbors, especially regarding Argentina, but also Brazil, it is giving revenue to the nation on the eastern side of the Río de la Plata. In economic terms, this has been seen in recent years and is being appreciated again now, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, also in relation to the health crisis.

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