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The Peruvian Justice rejects the request for preventive detention against Keiko Fujimori

Judge Víctor Zúñiga declared today the request for preventive detention against Keiko Sofía Fujimori is inadmissible requested by the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, who bases his decision on the fact that he breached the rules of restricted appearance when meeting with the witnesses in the Lavajato case: his party spokesperson, Miguel Torres and the former candidate and new member of his legal team, Lourdes Nano flowers.

14 people are randomly murdered in the border city of Reynosa

This Saturday the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, adjacent to the northwest of the US border, was dyed red in one of the most violent days in memory. The most surprising thing is that they were randomly murdered 14 people They were in four colonies located southeast of Reynosa, a city on the border with Texas and the most populous in the state. The armed group was aboard several SUVs, according to the State Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace in Tamaulipas. So far I know has detained a person that he was carrying two women in the trunk of his car. In addition, two vans and a long gun have been intervened.

Egypt keeps Ever Given withheld due to lack of agreement to compensate Suez Canal

Almost three months later, the famous mega-ship Ever Given, the ship of 220,000 tons and 400 meters in length who blocked the Suez Canal for six days at the end of March, is still being held with his crew on board in Egyptian waters.

Iranian ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raisi keeps the door open to return to the nuclear deal

Ibrahim Raisi He offered his first press conference since his victory in Iran’s presidential elections on Friday and was in favor of continuing with the nuclear negotiations in Vienna, which seek to resuscitate the 2015 agreement. The ultra-conservative cleric, however, assured that he would not hold a ” negotiations for the simple pleasure of negotiating “and called for” results for the Iranian nation. ” That result is none other than the lifting of sanctions by the US that prevent Iran from selling oil and have sunk the national economy. The improvement of relations with Saudi Arabia and the defense of his work as a judge in the face of criticism from human rights organizations that accuse him of being involved in the death sentences of thousands of political prisoners were other key themes of the meeting with the media.

Repression in Nicaragua: “Next time we see you, we are going to kill you”

Terror has settled in Nicaragua. It did so more than three years ago, although in the last two, the repression that the regime of Daniel Ortega and his wife, Rosario Murillo, deployed to quell the social outbreak of April 2018, which left at least 325 dead, thousands of injured and more than a hundred prisoners, had apparently decreased in intensity. The arrests, the exile of more than one hundred thousand people and the approval of laws that prohibited the demonstrations, under the accusation of terrorism, calmed the noise in the streets. But not so the desire for a change and the demand for an electoral advance by the majority of civil society. Between unsuccessful attempts at negotiation by the government and the opposition, that possibility disappeared and time was extended, which the regime took advantage of to prepare a path mined with traps for candidates and opposition parties that wanted to participate in the elections of the next 7 of November.

Merkel achieves consensus on immigration for the European Council

Merkel is working hard to prepare for the next European Council and with Italy counts especially in immigration-related matters. “Italy is a country of arrival, secondary flows affect us, so it is urgent to start acting from the countries of origin and we fully agree with this line of management,” said the Chancellor yesterday. Merkel after meeting in Berlin with Mario Draghi. “In the discussions we’ve had,” he added, “there have been very little differences of opinion and it’s a nice feeling.”

The candidate for the United Nations Secretariat: “We must renew the UN because we are in the 21st century”

Rosalia Arteaga, candidate for the General Secretariat of the HIM-HER-IT, has puzzled the multilateral body “largest, most fantastic in the world,” he says. The former president of Ecuador (February, 1997) avoided the traditional political circuit, via governments, to try to succeed in office Antonio Guterres, who aspires to re-election and chose to challenge him for his position with a candidacy endorsed by a civil organization, the ‘Forward World’ movement. The initiative had the backing of the 98,3 % of people who voted for her, on the internet, in 71 countries.

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