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Be informed about the last hour of today it is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to those readers who want it, the best summary of the Tuesday, September 14 right here:

Democrats present their ‘big tax’ to turn around Trump’s fiscal policy

House Democrats have detailed their proposals for significant tax increases as part of its efforts to pay for ambitious social spending and infrastructure plans. The increases, which mostly affect high incomes and companies, represent a dismantling of the former president’s fiscal policy Donald Trump, which lowered taxes across the board, but with a special impact on those taxpayers.

First commercial flight arrives in Kabul from Pakistan with only ten passengers

The international airport of Acceptance has received the first international commercial flight in the history of the ’emirate’. A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane has landed after ten in the morning on the runway of the Afghan capital and the Taliban have claimed victory again, this time for being able to reactivate the airport only 13 days after the chaotic withdrawal of the United States. Inside the flight from Islamabad they have barely disembarked ten people, “Diplomatic staff”, according to airport sources consulted.

The Norwegian center-left comes to power, according to the first polls

The left-wing opposition, led by Labor Jonas Gahr Støre, won the parliamentary elections in Norway,
dominated by the fate of oil sector of the country, according to the projections published at the close of the elections.

The market to buy North American products in Kabul

His official name is Roze Aria Market, but everyone in Kabul knows him as ‘Bush Market’, although until the arrival of the Americans it was the ‘Brezhnev Market’. These name changes depend on the leader of the power of the day who orders to occupy Afghanistan because in this market what can be found are products that are “diverted” from foreign military bases and sold at Afghan prices. “At this rate we will soon have to rename it in the name of China, Iran or Pakistan … the allies of the ’emirate’,” he jokes David, that has been running a store for thirteen years that is full of aluminum trays of the kind used in military dining rooms, industrial barbecues and microwaves and all kinds of kitchen utensils with the inscription ‘Made in USA’. Here are products from NATO bases, especially from the huge base that had USA in Bagram.

Ingrid Betancourt: “There will come a day when the FARC and its victims will be able to cry together”

“The pandemic was a blessing for the book,” says the former president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos. To your right, Ingrid Betancourt smile. Kidnapped for six years by the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces), the then Minister of Defense in the Government of Alvaro UribeHe was at the forefront of a cinematographic rescue operation for the woman with whom he has shared, via telematics, dozens of hours of reflections, analysis and experiences in five hundred pages, under the title, “A pending conversation” (Planet).

The immigration mafias: Greece shields itself from the Afghan exodus

An Afghan is known in all the ‘refugee’ camps in Greece for getting the best fake passports that will allow asylum seekers to reach Germany, Sweden or any other European country. «If you want to buy it, you can get it in Omonia Square, in the heart of Athens; also in the cities of Thessaloniki and Patras. Interested parties contact the supplier by Telegram ». This is confirmed to ABC by a volunteer who enters and leaves one of those camps every day. His version coincides with the harsh reality of the conversations captured by the Police between immigrant hostages of the human trafficking network dismantled these days in Greece. The operation, in which 15 people have been arrested, has helped investigators to better understand the evolution of the ‘business’ of illegal human trafficking between Asia and Europe, an activity that the eventual Afghan exodus will only spur on during the years. next months.

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