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US Attorney General Contradicts Trump: No Evidence of Mass Election Fraud

The U.S. Attorney General, William Barr, has assured that the Department of Justice – which he leads – has not found evidence of massive electoral fraud sufficient to change the sign of the presidential election.

Russian Police detain the alleged murderer of 26 elderly women in various parts of the country

Eight years the Russian police were on the trail of one of the most notorious serial killers in the country and yesterday they finally managed to stop him. Is about Radik Taguirov, 38, who is suspected of killed 26 elderly women during the years 2011 and 2012. The arrest has taken place in Kazan, the capital of the republic of Tatarstan, but the vile murderer acted in a dozen more regions and almost all in the most emblematic Russian river basin. Hence, he received the nickname “Volga Maniac.” His victims were women between the ages of 75 and 90.

Justice investigates a bribery plot to obtain pardons from Trump

The United States Justice investigates an alleged plot that aimed to influence the White House to obtain pardons from the president, Donald Trump, in exchange for generous political donations.

Maduro uses WhatsApp and Telegram to reach out to Venezuelans a few days before the elections

Nicolás Maduro does not skimp on options to approach Venezuelans when there are just a few days left until the disputed parliamentary elections are held in his country. This time, he has decided to join the WhatsApp and Telegram platforms, and therefore you have shared your mobile phone number to “listen and attend” the requests of the entire country. “I ask you to support me, to support each other, in this way we will be able to communicate and know about each other,” wrote Maduro in a massive message to announce his arrival on these social networks.

Biden has not yet formulated his position on the electoral farce in Venezuela

A litmus test for the new Joe Biden government when he takes office on January 20, 2021 will be manage the consequences of legislative elections Venezuelans on December 6, who have been preemptively condemned by the international community for fraudulent acts and for not complying with the simplest standards of transparency and security. To date, Biden has not formulated a concrete and detailed policy with respect to Venezuela, after a mandate in which Donald Trump has significantly increased the pressure on the Nicolás Maduro regime.

Millions of Americans, without financial aid due to the political blockade

The US has a long and difficult winter ahead of the pandemic and the political chaos in the country will only make things worse. Yesterday, the same day that the country broke the record for hospitalizations, a group of Republican and Democratic senators presented a proposal for an economic rescue plan to unblock the legislative blockade that endangers the livelihoods of millions of people. Many of the items approved in March to rescue the economy expire at the end of the year and the White House and Congress have been unable to approve an extension during months of negotiations. It is difficult for the proposal, which would dedicate 900,000 million of the public coffers to minimize the impact of the crisis, go ahead. And a predictable increase in cases lies ahead after millions of Americans traveled over the Thanksgiving holidays and with Christmas just around the corner.

More than 50 illegal immigrants in Germany left in the snow

The driver of the truck that was transporting them clandestinely was afraid of being caught at a checkpoint, so he stopped the vehicle at a rest area and lowered the 56 men, women and children who were abandoned at minus 2 degrees and without warm clothing in the vicinity near Wernberg, in the district of Schwandorf, Austria. Some of them began to wander down the highway, trying to continue on their way, and several drivers warned the police about such a peculiar procession under the snow.

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