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If you want to be up to date with all last informative hours of today, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the most important headlines of the Monday, December 7 that you should not miss, like these:

Zapatero goes to Venezuela to whitewash the electoral farce called by Maduro

The former president of the Spanish Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez ZapateroHe assured this Sunday from Venezuela that not recognizing the electoral process that is taking place in the South American country “is ignoring Venezuela and its people.”

A Moroccan man overcomes the new «inverted combs» of the fence of Ceuta with a ladder

An adult male of Moroccan nationality has managed to overcome the double border fence of Ceuta after “several months” without successful jump attempts, so It has succeeded “for the first time” by one of the sections in which the Ministry of the Interior has replaced the wires with blades called “concertinas” by the metallic tubular structures in the shape of “inverted combs”, installed at the top of the defense closest to the territory of the Alawite Kingdom.

Abstention is the winner in the electoral farce of Nicolás Maduro

A small line of voters, all older people, maintaining a distance of two meters between each one, religiously formed at 7:00 in the morning at the Rafael Napoleón Baute Basic School, a voting center located in the José Félix Rivas sector, the Petare and Latin America’s most populous neighborhood with almost a million inhabitants. In that electoral center where about 9,000 voters are registered, the Chavistas had organized so that people did not form large queues when voting. But it was not necessary because the center was half empty all day. Older people were able to approach the tables without having to wait just a few minutes.

Vox accuses the Generalitat of allowing a neo-Nazi act in the same place and time as yours in Barcelona

After an act this afternoon in defense of the Vox Constitution led by Santiago Abascal in the Plaza Sant Jaume in Barcelona on the occasion of Constitution Day, a group of neo-Nazi ideology exhibited, and even posed before the press, doing the fascist salute. The training that leads Santiago Abascal has disassociated himself from the act and has denounced through Twitter that the Spanish National-Socialist Workers Party, whom he has described as “rabble”, was who had called the concentration.

Spectacular exit of Carlos Sainz in Bahrain: from eighth to third place

The Sakhir Grand Prize, which is held in Bahrain, has given a fast-paced first round. to get started George Russell, who replaces Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes since the champion has coronavirus, has surpassed Bottas at the start, but the dance has occurred from behind with an accident that has left Verstappen out of action already Carlos Sainz third.

Barely 16.1% participation in Maduro’s electoral farce

Few people have gone to the polling stations. Voter participation rose from 2.7% in the first hours to 16.1% until 5:00 p.m. local time (5:45 p.m. peninsular time), from an electoral roll of more than 20.7 million voters registered in the National Electoral Council, who come to vote in more than 10,000 authorized centers throughout Venezuela.

Anti-fraud investigates the Generalitat Valenciana for field hospitals for the coronavirus

The Valencian Antifraud Agency is investigating the Generalitat for the hiring of field hospitals it raised to deal with the pandemic of coronavirus. As reported by ABC last Tuesday, these infrastructures would have cost the public coffers close to sixteen million euros, compared to the little more than eight initially planned, and eight months after their official “inauguration” they have not received a single admission of patients.

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