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The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to its readers. All the last hours of Sunday, September 5 with a complete summary that you cannot miss:

A falla in Valencia frees a mosque and a crescent from fire so as not to offend Muslims

“Our intention has never been the offense.” A falla in Valencia has decided to save two ninots representing a mosque and the crescent from the fire to do not offend the muslim community, after receiving complaints from this group.

17 killed in Kabul shooting in celebration of Panshir’s downfall

At least 17 people have died in the last hours in the celebrations for the alleged control of Panshir, the last province in dispute and that according to the Taliban would have already fallen into the hands of the Islamists.

Supermán López leaves the least expected day

Out of anger and lack of control comes one of the news about the Vuelta a España, the cycling course, perhaps something never seen in this sport. Miguel Angel ‘Superman’ Lopez he stands prisoner of anger, fury, exasperation and all the synonyms that may arise. He is losing the podium of the race, he has fallen into the ambush of a classic in Galicia, they are lifting the work of weeks, but that is the law of cycling, sometimes you win, you almost always lose. The Colombian reacts disheartened. He is erased, for the bicycle, he argues with his director Patxi Vila, his partner Imanol Erviti tries to convince him. There is no way. Uncontrollable in desperation, he takes refuge in the Movistar car and disappears. From the podium to the broom car. I leave the least expected day, incomparable script for the next Netflix documentary. The jokes on the networks are multiplying, Supermán is the first client to unsubscribe from Movistar without problems. In the Castro de Herville, a fantastic design of a classic type route, the Frenchman wins by surprise Champoussin. There are no Spanish victories, Roglic will win the Vuelta.

A town in Ciudad Real challenges the electricity oligopoly in the midst of the rise of electricity

Crossbowmen of Calatrava it is about to erupt, and not because it is surrounded by volcanoes. The reason is that this Ciudad Real municipality, in the midst of an energy crisis due to the rise in the price of electricity, has decided to hit the table of the large energy companies to supply itself with electricity.

An economic conquest: China expands its influence across the five continents

Within the state capitalism practiced by China, its investments abroad are not only commercial, but also geostrategic. As the most populous country in the world and second world power after four decades of unstoppable growth, has an insatiable appetite for raw materials and natural resources to keep fueling its progress. In addition to the usual oil, natural gas and coal, China needs the minerals used in new technologies, such as cobalt and copper, because of its ambition to lead the industries of the 21st century and not depend on the West. Less rare earths, of which the world’s largest reserves hold 35 percent of stocks, it needs everything.

Maduro releases another political prisoner while asking to lift sanctions against Chavismo

After six months of arbitrary imprisonment at the headquarters of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), the opposition deputy Gilberto Sojo He was released this Friday night due to health problems, according to activists from Voluntad Popular (VP), the party founded by Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó.

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