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Be informed about the last hour of today it is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to readers who want it, the best summary of the Thursday, November 19 right here:

The Podemos consultancy diverted 307,000 euros to Mexico with 8 transfers in two months

The lawyer that the owners of the Mexican Neurona Consulting contracted to create their branch in Spain, Elías Castejón, has handed over to the judge the accounting of this company, registered in Seville a few days after signing a contract of 363,000 euros with United We can that the formation tried to justify as electoral expense.

Health leaves the door open for pharmacies to perform tests

The Ministry of Health may authorize the autonomous communities that request it – as Madrid, Catalonia and Murcia have already done – that their network of pharmacies carry out coronavirus tests on the population. To get it, each region will have to present an action plan that collects how, under what conditions and under what security measures the tests will be carried out.

This is the complete list of Paquirri’s bullfighting heritage that Isabel Pantoja has to give to her children

Long bullfighter, dominating three-thirds and with excellent athletic conditions that allowed him to rule all kinds of attacks, Paquirri he received his doctorate in Barcelona in 1966 until he became an indisputable and essential figure. In the annals of Bullfighting there are great works of his, such as the one that immortalized the torrestrella «Good luck» in Las Ventas. Francisco Rivera was born a bullfighter and died as a myth in 1984 in Pozoblanco. Such a powerful fighter, a superman, lost his life on the stage where he had won everything: the ring. And he left in the arms of the most bitter September night to become a legend.

The PNV squeezes Sánchez after his pacts with Bildu: “If we reject the PGE, the house of cards may fall”

At the same time that he ordered Pedro Sánchez to negotiate “once and for all” the State Budgets, Andoni Ortuzar has released a concise message to EH Bildu this afternoon: “Our position is relevant, that of others is not”. The president of the PNV, who attends resigned to the consecration of the alliance between the Batasunos and the PSOE, has assured in the Ser that he is not afraid to see his group displaced in the Congress of Deputies, where he has managed to squeeze his six seats to establish himself as the third leg of the central government. In fact, he has warned that if the nationalists finally vote ‘No’ on the Accounts, ‘probably this whole house of cards would go down».

“On the roadmap of the Ministry of the Interior was to release 200 people every day”

The acronyms, in politics, tie. Being subject to the dictates of the large parties reduces independence, on many occasions, to the local leaders. Especially when it comes to contravening the will of the Madrid bosses. This is not the case of Onalia Bueno, the mayor of Mogán -a municipality of 20,000 inhabitants in Gran Canaria-, who did not hesitate yesterday to challenge the Executive by taking the more than 200 immigrants who were evicted from the Arguineguín pier to the gates of the Government Delegation in Las Palmas. Things of being from a small local party.

These are Macron’s measures to fight radical Islamism

The bill designed to combat Islamist gangrene in France has been transformed into a bill to reinforce republican principles, classifying new crimes for threatening the lives of third parties through the spread of hatred and punishing family behaviors more severely, in school, associations and public life.

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