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Summary and goals of Betis 1 – Atlético 1: Atlético’s survival exercise

Barcelona 85 – Real Madrid 87: Garuba and Vukcevic lead the white pride at the Palau

What does Madrid play at: an attempt to explain La Flor

Madrid is back to win. He hasn’t won anything yet, but Zidane has brought a dead team to life. How? How?

Sergio Ramos intervened to stop Barcelona’s harassment of Gil Manzano

The players of the Real Madrid they were as perplexed as they were upset. “Once again, Barcelona does not know how to lose.” Zidane’s pupils pointed out a reality that bothers them: «They never lose because we have won, if they lose it is because of the referee. We are fed up with all our triumphs being questioned by them. ” And they questioned Pique, with his dialogue with Gil Manzano at the end of the game, and all his teammates, those who did play the classic, who angrily protested the referee on the field, an attitude that worsened in the tunnel of the Di Stéfano changing rooms. “There were high-sounding words and bad manners before Gil Manzano”, indicate some of those present.

Brutal tangana in a Catalan regional match

The football of the lower categories this Saturday left some painful images in the match of the Third Catalan Regional that faced the teams of the AE Bon Pastor and the CD Carmelo, in which a tremendous tangana in which footballers from both clubs participated, as well as numerous fans.

VAR, the Koeman umbrella

The action between Mendy y Braithwaite In the 84th minute, which ended with the Dane lying in the area, he was the trigger for the malaise of the Barcelona dressing room, and especially of Ronald Koeman, after the defeat against Real Madrid. The manager’s anger was monumental after the game. “The penalty is very clear, I do not know why there is VAR in Spain,” he was repeating through all the microphones that were put in front of him. Far from being a hottie, the Dutchman reaffirmed himself yesterday, recording his stark on social media. “We took the initiative in the game and we had chances for a better result. Bad luck in the end with a wrong decision of the referee and the VAR“, public. The thoughtful message, after several hours of rest, confirms Koeman’s strategy, which is not the first time he has blamed the VARo on the referee for a bad result for his team.

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