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Be informed about the last hour of today it is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to those readers who want it, the best summary of the Saturday, December 5 right here:

Real Madrid 91 – Villeurbanne 84: Tavares and Llull lead Madrid’s comeback

Transsexual player Mara Gómez receives authorization to play in the women’s league

Mara Gómez, forward of the Villa San Carlos team, received this Friday authorization from the Argentine Football Association (AFA) which makes her the first transgender woman qualified to play in the First Division of the country’s women’s league.

“Víctor Valdés has treated me like shit”

Víctor Valdés is not having a gentle step on the bench. His explosive character already played a trick on him when he was Barcelona goalkeeper and also in his time as a coach, where he has shown to have a peculiar character. During his time at Barcelona he was fired a few months into the season for serious discrepancies with Patrick Kluivert, responsible for the culé quarry, and this year, in his time as coach of Unión Atlética Horta he has already had several clashes. First with part of his coaching staff and now with several players. Sergi Moreno, one of the Horta footballers who was fired two days ago along with David Corominas and Adri Gimeno has exploded after the club’s unilateral decision by technical decision. It is not the first time so far this season that Valdés has kicked a player from the squad, it has already happened with David López, with two goalkeepers or even members of his technical staff, such as his second and the goalkeeper coach.

A recovery with many doubts for Márquez

The body, in the end, always ends up imposing its rhythm. Lesson learned by Marc Márquez and that serves as a reference for the future. They are not superheroes and there are no miracle recoveries. There is a lot of work behind and medical advice. But in the end, the body is in charge. The pilot underwent surgery again to treat a fracture in the humerus that even today, five months after the first operation, has not been able to heal as it should.

Márquez: “My return was a mistake, the doctor told me that everything was fine”

Marc Márquez, recently operated on for his injury to the right humerus for the third time, pointed to a bad medical recommendation as the cause of the first relapse and affirmed that if they came to warn him “that the plate can be broken”, he would not have forced Jerez.

Lopetegui marks the destiny of Real Madrid

The march is going. It feels strong. He trusts himself and believes in his players, even if they fail him at certain times. Zidane always sees the bottle as half full. It is the idiosyncrasy of Real Madrid, which has historically led to success. A positive attitude that now wields more serious that the coach has lived since he made his debut on the Madrid bench on January 4, 2016, haunted by three finals in nine days that can tell the future of the club in the two capital competitions each season.

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