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The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to its readers. All the last hours of Thursday, November 19 with an exhaustive summary that you cannot miss:

Enrique Yunta: The Little Bill from Morata

Real Madrid – Maccabi: Real Madrid continue their European comeback

Messi: “I’m a little tired of being the problem of everything at the club”

Leo Messi was clear. “I’m a little tired of being the problem of everything at the club”. The forward, recently landed in Barcelona after the national team break, was asked by various media what he thought about the statements of Antoine Griezmann’s uncle, who assured a few days ago that Barcelona was living under a “regime of terror” with the front Argentinian.

An apathetic Djokovic is diluted before Medvedev

Novak Djokovic, on one of those days when apathy turns off talent, he fell apart against Russian Daniil Medvedev (6-3 and 6-3) and will need to beat Alexander Zverev on the last day to qualify for the semi-finals of the ATP Finals in London.

Matthaus explodes and aims a solution for Germany

A day after Germany’s historic 6-0 defeat to Spain in the UEFA Nations League, the former German international Lothar Matthäus has demanded the return of several veteran players to the German national team.

Amunike: «Am I Luis Enrique’s father? No, I don’t have time for bullshit »

Not easy to talk to Emmanuel Amunike (Nigeria, 1970). Despite hanging up his boots in 2004 and being without a team as a coach, the Nigerian is a busy guy who takes fifteen minutes to steal. “When I have free time I prefer to dedicate it to my family,” he explains during his conversation with ABC. A talk full of ups and downs, because there are topics that he does not like and about which he is reluctant to talk. As if the passing of the years had not healed the wounds. «Barcelona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Barcelona … It’s always the same. What happened there no longer interests me. Now I am a coach and not a footballer, “he replied wearily.

Vinicius: «I am not so concerned about what people think of me»

It is a pure talent from Brazil, the archetype of modest town gamer, Sao Gonçalo is his, who enjoys haggling rivals until they are dizzy. He has that genius that the country gives to dribble rivals with ease. Cocoa, the first coach who He advocated for his career at the highest level, says that since childhood he was ahead of his time. He could play with older footballers because their quality was superior. It has the aura of the ends of its land. When he scored his first goal for Real Madrid, in November 2018 against Valladolid, he greeted the Bernabéu as if taking off a hat in his honor. Understand football as a show. He is 20 years old and is required as a veteran, because he plays for a club where there is no time to train. ABC talks to Vinicius by phone at the concentration of the Brazilian team in Teresépolis, before returning to Madrid.

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