Tolón’s letter of thanks to Jorge Marín, author of the “Wings of Mexico”




The mayoress of Toledo, Milagros Toulon, has sent the Mexican sculptor Jorge Marín a letter in which he conveys the city’s gratitude once the public exhibition of his work “Alas de México” has concluded, which has been installed in the Patio de Armas of the Puerta de Bisagra for ten months and that it has been dismantled this Monday in the city to be transferred to Burgos, its next destination.

The first mayor has expressed in the letter addressed to the artist that “thousands of people from Toledo have enjoyed it, as well as the symbolism that this unique artistic creation contains” and is that “its powerful message is a new bridge that approaches and brings Toledo and Mexico closer.

In addition, as the mayor has maintained, “throughout these months Marín’s work has breathed a breath of optimism, hope and freedom in all of us in times of anxiety, as a result of the pandemic and has enriched the artistic heritage of the city in the open air ».

On the other hand, the mayor of Culture, Teo Garcia, has highlighted the “great reception” that the sculpture has had as well as allowing “an unprecedented interaction with all audiences.”

“It has supposed a breath of optimism, hope and certain airs of freedom”, has maintained García, alluding to the coincidence between the art he represents and the objective of the local government led by the mayor, Milagros Toulon, «Which is none other than art and culture to be experienced as a daily activity».

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On the other hand, the mayor of Culture has highlighted that the exhibition has been based in an emblematic space of the city where culture has flowed over the last few months through municipal programs such as the Toledan Nights, Open Culture, The Heritage Night, Music on the Walls or even in the Christmas program, where the reception of the Three Kings took place.

“It has been an example of a meeting place and interaction between cultures, with a contemporary work that has coexisted harmoniously with heritage, combining feelings, heritage, art and culture.” In short, he added, it is “a way of living and feeling our city which is the one that the government of Milagros Tolón wants to promote so that culture can be lived as a daily activity and incorporated as a focal activity of our development economic and social ».

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