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Morning move in an electoral key in Barcelona. Toni Freixa, Víctor Font and Jaume Giró (economic manager of the candidacy of Joan Laporta) debated in the Antigua Fábrica Damm, in a meeting organized by Mundo Deportivo and Palco23. Before, Freixa had also been a protagonist in Rac1, where he explained that it is not unreasonable to make big signings next season. He even assured that he would sign three of the best players of the moment. «We have closed an agreement of intentions with an investor who will contribute 250 million euros for ‘Barça Corporate’ and as a consequence we will have the necessary funds to substantially improve the financial situation and for the 2020-21 season Barça will incorporate three differential cracks, two in attack positions and one defense, which will allow us to compete again at the highest level level, ”Freixa surprised. The candidate and former director added that “I am verifying that we are in talks and we have discussed it with the players and their environment, and with the clubs to which they belong, to be able to close it when we are at the club ». And he did not ignore the puja to the rest of the opponents: “I don’t know what other candidates have done, we know the work we are doing.”

Obviously the two names that are in fashion on the European football scene came out: Mbappé and Haaland. “We have a maxim, we will never talk about players until we present them. It is a bad strategy because you serve on a platter other clubs that step on you in the negotiation », he tried to avoid. However, when asked if it was possible to sign Mbappé and Haaland, he assured that “It is absolutely possible”. «It’s what Barça should do. Incorporate differential players, “he added. Obviously, the possibility of signing Mbappé and Haaland, having Messi in the squad would cause a dangerous growth in the wage bill. But Freixa, ensures that the departure of Messi will not be caused. «The figure of Leo will never be a problem. I don’t agree that getting rid of it is a financial solution. Messi has given us more than what we have given him. Everything he has won has been with the Barça shirt and that symbiosis has been good for both of them and must continue. I have spoken with his surroundings, with his father, but they are private conversations that I do not have to reveal. What I have is the tranquility that Messi will wait to decide and that the opportunity to continue is open, “he said.

The reactions were swift. Sign Haaland? If we want to make people believe that in the current context we can stretch our arm more than our sleeve again … What it is about is having a good sports structure and helping an unbalanced squad. Signing Haaland or Mbappé is done by the goalkeeper of Núñez or Florentino With the galactic model, our model is different », replied Víctor Font, who was also in the Ser.« The sports structure led by Xavi tells us that next year, rkeeping Messi sportingly is key, and I say that economically and institutionally as well. The three-dimensional Messi. We have to retain it, “added the businessman. You have to remember that Emili Rousaud, a pre-candidate for the presidency, assured a few weeks ago during the process of collecting support signatures, that he had spoken with Haaland to sign him for Barcelona, ​​an extreme that his representative ismintiño, Mino Raiola.

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