Trial against the false doctor from Ferrol: The 168 pending accounts of «Coté»

The countdown for José Manuel López «Coté» to share a stay with his former patients is already underway. It will be from next Thursday when the judicial machinery – slowed down for about thirteen years by appeals, complaints and all kinds of sticks in the wheels – will judge the false doctor from Ferrol, in whom hundreds of people placed their trust and their health for years without knowing that he did not have any type of degree. His audacity will earn Coté a petition for 334 years in prison for the crimes of trespassing, fraud, falsehood, reckless homicide and injuries. The indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office, to which ABC has had access, lists one by one the experiences of the patients who ended up denouncing the false doctor for the problems that his treatments, allegedly, caused them. It involves up to 126 stories, to which the prosecutor adds four dozen more people whom, he considers, the Ferrol should compensate in one way or another. In total, 168 alleged victims who have been denouncing their ordeal for years. As for the experience of those allegedly affected, the stories coincide. There are many who recognize that several times a week the false doctor injected them with a substance that to this day has not been determined, “and I do not think we will ever find out, not even after the trial,” they recognize from the Association of Affected by Medical Intrusion. The Public Ministry will defend as of this week and over the next four months – more than a hundred affected are called to declare – that during at least the five years prior to his arrest in February 2008, Coté «came attributing publicly the condition of doctor and performing medical acts despite not having more studies than the Baccalaureate and lacking the minimum skills necessary for it. His lie, the prosecutor assumes, dates back to 1998, when the defendant drew up and provided himself with a false academic and professional curriculum “by altering or imitating numerous titles and certifications from various Spanish and foreign educational and health centers.” These are the titles that he later hung on the walls of his office to attract a clientele who came to wait for hours and hours in the waiting room of his office and even on the stairs of the building, due to the high number of people they required. its services. «Under such an imposture and also taking advantage of the name, credit and signature of other authentic medical professionals, the defendant managed to attract hundreds of people to his local Ferrol, which was later added by another in Viveiro, from whom he charged significant sums of money. money for applying false treatments supposedly aimed at curing real pre-existing diseases, in some cases, or non-existent diseases that he himself conceived and claimed to diagnose, in others ». The prices to which the prosecutor refers are well remembered by his former patients, who in not a few cases had to take a mortgage to meet these bills. Thus, Coté entered according to the medical case and the date between 20 and 100 euros per consultation and 500 and 15,000 euros per intervention. All these amounts were paid in cash and on almost no occasion was an invoice issued or received of any kind. In some cases, the disbursement made by the patients exceeded 190,000 euros. The fame that this doctor achieved attracted clients to Ferrol from other communities such as Castilla y León, from where one of his patients traveled weekly to be treated. Now he denounces that he paid Coté about 12,000 euros to eliminate the “epstein bar bacteria” from his blood, about which he told him that it affected his defenses and made her more prone to suffering from cancer. Gijón, Lugo, Cádiz, Madrid, Orense or Segovia were other origins of the portfolio of patients of this false doctor, who in many cases came almost daily to the consultation, according to the prosecutor. 13,000 for a leukemia The pathologies that the alleged doctor detected were varied, but the accusation explains that in many of the cases the treatments he prescribed “are not described in medical science as valid for the pathologies supposedly detected by the accused.” . Among these diagnoses, serious diseases, such as leukemia, were frequent, for which a victim paid the defendant in cash the approximate amount of 65,000 euros, of which 13,000 were performed, they note, in a single payment for an alleged “myeloablation operation »To treat a source of leukemia. In the case of minor ailments, such as hypercholesterolemia, the amounts could also easily skyrocket up to 10,000 euros. Each and every one of the reports of the complainants will have to face the accused, who this week will testify to give his version of the events while serving four and a half years of sentence for intrusion and fraud to a score of patients in a center in Vinaròs (Castellón) to which he went to continue practicing when they closed the one in Ferrol. Along with Coté will sit on the bench, accused of a money laundering crime, his wife, for whom they are asking for three years in prison. Among the former patients who will closely follow the process in La Coruña will be those to whom Coté’s alleged practices caused significant consequences, who a decade later denounce that “doctors are not capable of explaining our pathologies.” “These testimonies are going to make the court’s hair stand on end”, they advance a few days after the start of one of the most anticipated trials in recent years. Written by the prosecutor Most serious accusation: a mouth cancer that he could not detect or treat The Castellón trial, for which Coté was sentenced to four and a half years, is only the prelude to the macro trial that awaits him in La Coruña. More than three months of hearing in which the false doctor must answer for an alleged crime of homicide, the most serious of all that he faces. The alleged victim had a hard and painless adenopathy in one jaw, which Coté diagnosed as “a ganglion.” For a time he treated him “with injections of liquids in the area” until faced with a “necrotizing, bleeding and purulent wound” the sufferer went to Social Security, where they immediately detected a primary malignant tumor on the floor of his mouth. prescribing radiotherapy and chemotherapy. During this process, the patient continued to go to the defendant’s office, who continued injecting him, supposedly to reduce the effects of chemotherapy, even manipulating the wound in his mouth. He died a few months later, the prosecutor assumes, “due to the extremely serious delay in the diagnosis caused by the negligent conduct of the accused.”

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