Tricks to sell a home in the shortest time possible



Either with the advice of experts or in a private capacity, there are some simple steps that can be followed so that the transaction does not take longer than desired or, what is the same, we obtain the best results in the shortest possible time.

Making the decision to sell a property a quick and agile process saves its owner not only time, but also unnecessary stress and complications. Today, it is no longer a matter of hanging the sign on the balcony or terrace fence and waiting for the phone to ring with potential stakeholders.

There are many other more effective means and, above all, some tricks that can help us sell a home in the shortest possible time. Since real estate marketing techniques to home staging techniques, going through basic recommendations, there is a lot to choose from.

A competitive price

The price that we establish for the sale of the apartment or house is the main element when making a quick transaction. If we want interested parties to notice our offer, we will have to determine a competitive price. For this, of course, it is crucial to make a analysis of the housing market in the area in which we have the property for sale and compare it with others of similar characteristics.

At this point, it is crucial to be realistic and assess both the pros and cons of our property and not hesitate to make a reduction compared to the initial expectations we had about the price. If we don’t stick to what mark the supply and demand market, weeks will pass and we will have to adjust its value anyway. Better to do it from the beginning and we will make up for it by saving time and effort.

An attractive advertisement

The first contact that the interested parties will have with the house will surely be the advertisement that we write to publish later on different channels. Therefore, you do not have to skimp on dedication to make an advertisement that arouses curiosity of potential buyers. Both from the editorial point of view, with a detailed description of all the characteristics, qualities and qualities of the home and even the neighborhood, as well as from the visual aspect, with attractive photographs.

The photo gallery that we build will be key to attract the eye of potential buyers. Having the spaces of the house clean and in perfect order, taking the pictures from the best angles and with the right light will give a good initial impression.

Trusted real estate portals

Real estate portals are currently the main showcase for those looking to sell or buy a home. They are often the first tool potential buyers turn to when they begin their search for a new home. On websites like, for example, you can find thousands of offers with filters by area, type of property, new or second-hand construction, price, number of rooms, square meters, extras, etc.

Thus, at a first glance and according to the characteristics that the owner has established and written with total correction, the property may appear in the searches of buyer profiles who can really fit.

There are several real estate portals that exist. The more we publish the ad, the more visibility the property will have. But it is important to make sure that they are pages of trust and proven quality. Use close contacts, social networks and all the possibilities that new technologies give us, of course, will not hurt when it comes to disseminating the sale.

Personalized attention

Once all the advertising devices available to us have been launched, those interested in the home will begin to arrive and, with them, arranged visits. Here it becomes essential to prepare them in a serious and professional way. The ideal is to respect punctuality, condition the house with order and cleanliness, fix flaws, paint the walls or even remove things in the way that help to depersonalize the environments and allow potential buyers to imagine living there.

As crucial as the conditioning of the property is the preparation of all documentation that the interested party may require to verify, for example, the status of the accounts (services, mortgage, taxes, etc.) or the qualities and certifications of the home. Having a folder with all these papers ready will convey an image of seriousness and confidence, in addition to saving valuable time in the sales process.

Professional help

If we find ourselves without strength or time to face the sale process on a private basis, putting ourselves in the hands of real estate professionals is always an excellent alternative. From experience, from a network of contacts and from their interest in what the operation will bring them financially, they will undoubtedly work to complete it as quickly as possible. Here again, as in the portals, it will be important to deal with real estate agencies of recognized trajectory and prestige.

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