Trinidad and Tobago deport 160 Venezuelans after reaching a gas agreement with Maduro

Correspondent in Caracas



The Government of Trinidad and Tobago will deport 160 emigrants Venezuelans in a new violation of international refugee treaties denounced by the OAS commissioner for the Venezuelan refugee crisis, David Smolansky, while the regime of Nicolás Maduro agrees energy agreements with the Trinidadian authorities.

From his exile in the United States, the former opposition mayor accused the Maduro regime of “coordinating” with his counterpart from Trinidad and Tobago the deportation of 160 Venezuelans. “The regime, through (Foreign Minister) Jorge Arreaza, coordinates with the Government of Trinidad a new deportation of 160 Venezuelan refugees, several of them elderly and minors. The dictatorship that has expelled 5.4 million people now coordinates new deportations with its allies, “he said on his Twitter account.

Last week there was a scandal over the deportation of 16 Venezuelan children who after two days of being adrift on the high seas were returned to the island again “they could not be deported thanks to pressure from society and the international community, but now they use a revolving door for deportations from Trinidad, agreed with the regime.

Smolansky expressed his concern for the physical integrity of the 160 Venezuelans, which he said could be deported to Venezuela, according to an order issued by the immigration authorities of Trinidad and Tobago. “If thousands of Venezuelans who returned voluntarily due to Covid-19 were branded as bioterrorists, what could not happen to 160 deportees who are in the custody of security forces of a regime responsible for crimes against humanity,” he concluded.

The Maduro regime has not complained about the deportation of its compatriots fleeing the country due to the severe humanitarian crisis. Foreign Minister Arreaza announced five days after the case of the 16 children that he was going to meet with his counterpart from Trinidad and Tobago to reactivate energy cooperation agreements, including gas. Last year the gas agreement through which Venezuela was to supply gas to the island was canceled due to delays in its execution, but now the foreign minister intends to resume it just now when there is a deficit in domestic gas that has forced Venezuelans to cook with firewood, destroying the trees.

The hostility of the Trinidadian authorities towards Venezuelan emigrants contrasts with their complacency towards their ally in the international arena where they vote in favor of the Maduro regime or abstain.

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