Tristan Vukcevic, the pearl of the Real Madrid quarry



The Palau witnessed the return of Pau Gasol to the ACB twenty years later and also hosted the emergence of one of those talents that draws attention from the first moment. It was not the debut of Tristan Vukcevic with Real Madrid, but his performance in the classic was the one that confirmed him as one of the great illusions of Real Madrid, eager for talent and joy after the departure of Campazzo and Deck to the NBA.

The Italian, with Serbian and Greek roots, is the son of former player Dusan Vukcevic, who played in white for a season and who saw Tristan born while he was part of Montepaschi, shortly after leaving the Spanish club.

So Tristan always lived close to the basket and since he was a child he dedicated himself to this sport. Although most of that childhood was spent in Italy, his early years as a basketball promise was spent in Greece, where his family moved when Dusan hung up his boots.

There in the Olympiacos, began to take its first steps before sign for Real Madrid in 2018. Since then, he has been burning stages in the white quarry until this year he became a regular in the first team’s training sessions.

Finally, debuted on October 11, in the white victory against Gran Canaria, in which he played four minutes and scored two points. In his eight previous games he had never exceeded twenty minutes of play, something he did in the classic, in which he showed all his virtues.

He started shy, as if overcome by the situation, but it was loosening as the minutes passed. Two free throws first; a triple after; and total self-confidence thereafter.

Because Vukcevic is a modern center, capable of playing under the basket and also away from it. I could even act as a forward, although for now that is a position in which Laso is never putting him.

At just 18 years of age, he still has a journey ahead of him and also will grow a few more centimeters. It is expected to exceed 2.10 meters and to maintain a wingspan that is already scary.

His long arms allow him to be a defensive threat in both blocks and steals.. In addition, he has an enviable wrist, capable of scoring from anywhere on the court. Against the Catalans he showed it, with complicated triples that helped the whites win the game.

«I am not surprised by what Usman and Tristan have done, because I see them many days, “said Laso after the victory.. The coach is one of the great promoters of the Madrid youth academy, from which he has made his debut to more than a dozen players in this decade.

Some as Doncic, they are in the NBA; others had to emigrate to make a place for themselves and others, like Garuba or Vukcevic are called to be part of the near future of Real Madrid.

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