Trucks trapped by snow in the provinces of Cuenca and Guadalajara



The snow that has fallen in the last hours in Castilla-La Mancha has left several trucks trapped on various roads in the region, especially in the provinces of Cuenca and Guadalajara. 112 emergency service sources have reported that On the CM-220 in Almodóvar del Pinar trucks have been trapped by the snow, while the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) specifies on its website that from 8:56 am this Friday the circulation of this road has been cut off at kilometer 86.2, in both directions, due to an accident that has left a fixed obstacle in the road.

The DGT has also warned of the snowfalls that have occurred at the height of the A-3, from kilometer 90 in Saelices to kilometer 156 in Castillo de Garcimuñoz, in the province of Cuenca, which makes this section “passable With precaution”. In addition, 112 has indicated that in the CM-2015, between El Pozuelo (Cuenca) and El Recuenco (Guadalajara), there have also been about four or five trucks trapped by the snow. Finally, on the CM-210 in Poveda de la Sierra and on the CM-2112 in Alustante, trucks have been trapped by the snow.

On the other hand, the Diputación de Cuenca, before the yellow warning of snowfall, has mobilized seven snowplow trucks and four backhoe loaders equipped with blades. At the moment, the main rainfall is accumulating in the Serranía area.

The vice president, Francisco López, points out that the snowfalls are occurring in the north-central province of the province and the four trucks based in the capital are having the greatest activity. Thus, a snowplow is making the route that connects Villalba de la Sierra with all the towns in the area such as Zarzuela, Fresneda, Las Majadas and El Campichuelo. There is also another truck that makes the route that goes from Mariana to the access of Huerta de Marojales, passing through La Frontera, Poyatos, Fuertescusa and Masegosa.

A third snowplow based in the capital is making the route to the north of the province through Valsalobre, Carrascosa de la Sierra, Beteta and El Tobar. Meanwhile, the fourth snowplow makes the surroundings of the capital, in the Buenache de la Sierra and Beamud area. In addition, the Salvacañete-based snowplow is working in the Zafrilla and Valdemoro de la Sierra area. Finally, the rest of the troops work on spreading salt as a preventive measure.

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