Trump fires cybersecurity chief who said there was no fraud in the elections

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Donald Trump fired the director of the US government’s cybersecurity agency on Tuesday because a week ago he endorsed the integrity and legitimacy of the November 3 elections, against the president’s criteria. In a message on Twitter, Trump said that Christopher Krebs he was wrong to defend that the elections were safe, and therefore he was struck down in a final way.

The truth is that Krebs expected the dismissal. Despite persistent allegations of fraud by the president, the Executive Committee of the Council for the Coordination of Electoral Infrastructure, which reports to the Ministry of National Security, issued a statement last week in which it said that “there is no evidence that any voting systems there deleted or lost votes, has changed votes or has been manipulated in any way.

That same committee added in a statement authorized by Krebs that “the November 3 elections they were the safest in US history.. Right now, across the country, officials are reviewing and checking the entire electoral process before finalizing the result.

The statement, actually quite bland, caused a real commotion in Washington because it came minutes after the president himself claimed on Twitter that he had been stolen 2.7 million votes in elections, with which he would have been declared the winner.

Trump has yet to admit his defeat, and has a score of lawsuits open in some of the key states where he has lost. On December 14, the results will be certified, and the president has until then to present your demands and resources.

As Trump said on Twitter on Tuesday, “Chris Krebs’s recent statements about the security of the 2020 elections were very inaccurate, as there was fraud and massive failures». “Therefore, with immediate effect, Chris Krebs has been fired as Director of the Infrastructure Security and Cybersecurity Agency,” added the president, who is very fired on Twitter.

Krebs’ firing on social media is part of a major purge by the president, who fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper last week after he resisted facilitating the Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, which the Pentagon finally ordered this Tuesday.

Krebs, a former senior executive at Microsoft, led the agency since its inception in 2016 in response to the campaign for russian interference in the elections that year, which investigated both the Capitol and a special prosecutor. Under Krebs, the agency successfully coordinated local, state, and federal strategy to defend the US electoral systems from interference and hacking.

Krebs himself shared a report on social media Tuesday citing 59 election security experts who said there is no credible evidence of election fraud. After being fired, and from his personal Twitter account, he replied: «It was an honor. We did it well. We defend the present to make the future more secure.

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