Trump refuses to throw in the towel and maneuvers not to leave power

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Donald Trump he is approaching his last month in the White House entering a war with his own party, or at least with the party that refuses to take drastic measures to reverse the outcome of the November 3 election. In his first electoral act after the elections, on Saturday in the disputed state of Georgia, the US president denounced being a victim of fraud, and said that if he really thought that he had lost, he would leave without making a sound, but that he will fight until the end.

At the rally in Georgia, which was actually to support the two Republican senators who are playing for the seat in a runoff on January 5, Trump said, “I have to say that if I had lost, I would be a good loser. If I had lost, I would admit that I lost, and I would go to Florida, and take it all in stride. I would go and say that at least I did a good job. But I cannot accept this theft, this manipulation, this fraud, I cannot accept it ». The crowd that had come to the rally to see the president more than the Senate candidates responded by shouting, fiercely: “no to theft.”

The president explained the reason for his anger with the Republican governors of states such as Georgia or Arizona, who were close allies of his until they certified the Democrat Joe Biden as a winner just a few days ago. For Trump, the suspicions of fraud are enough to maneuver in every Republican-controlled state and send delegates to the electoral college who do not vote for the official winner of the election, which is Biden, but for the president. No Republican governor has agreed to do something that could end up in the Supreme Court.

Absentee ballot

Trump explained that for him the method of fraud is vote by mail. More than 60 million people exercised their right in this way, out of a total of 161 million, which is 66% of the electoral roll. According to the president, there were not the necessary filters to prevent fraud: “It is a shame that in 2020 no state in the US will make a real attempt to verify that those who cast their votes by mail are legally registered and authorized voters. The evidence of fraud is overwhelming.

It is true that the Republicans who openly oppose the president are very few, but it so happens that among them are those who have attested that the elections were legal in two conservative strongholds that voted for Biden, Georgia and Arizona. In reality, Trump’s fate is already decided. On December 14 the results will be certified and Biden will be confirmed as president-elect. The lawsuits brought by the president’s team of attorneys have failed miserably, one after another. As of today, Biden enjoys a distance of seven million votes over Trump.

The newspaper “The Washington Post” polled all Republicans on Capitol Hill, who are 249 in total, and of them only 27 accept that Biden has won. Only two openly say that the winner is Trump. The rest, 220, have no answer and prefer to wait. Among them is the Conservative leader in the Senate, the influential Kentucky politician, Mitch McConnell. Trump has asked on the social network Twitter that someone send him the list of 27 who recognize Biden, claiming that they are only lip service Republicans.

The president and his party are in the position of denouncing fraud in the presidential election while campaigning for two Republican candidates, David Perdue Y Kelly Loeffler. The fate of both will be decided by the same system and computer program that according to the president has stolen the election. If the Democrats win those two seats, they will have a majority in the Senate and throughout the Capitol, quite a gift at least for the first months of Biden’s presidency.

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