Trump’s latest offensive with 18 prosecutors to reverse the vote

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Donald Trump and his Republican allies are looking to the US Supreme Court for a final spring to turn around the presidential election of November 3, which gave the victory to Joe Biden by more than seven million votes.

The president and the Republicans who allow him to handle the idea that there was a “massive fraud” and “electoral theft” – although they have not presented consistent evidence about it – have sought several ways to avoid defeat: pressure on state authorities decisive to avoid the certification of the results, attempts that the state legislative assemblies bypass the popular will and send the voters who elect the presidents on their own, and a multitude of demands. The justice system – including several state supreme courts – has insistently rejected these legal actions in fifty cases. The last one, the Supreme Court himself, this week, against the intention of certifying the results in Pennsylvania, which gave Biden the winner.

The latest Republican onslaught against the election comes from Texas. Your attorney general, Ken Paxton, a Trump loyalist, sued four other states – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – over his election results. In all, Trump won in 2016 and in all he lost to Biden last month. In some cases, like Michigan, clearly.

The lawsuit ensures that the states changed the electoral regulations – due to the restrictions by Covid-19 – unconstitutionally. Similar allegations have been made in lower courts and have been rejected. But Paxton has been able to force the Supreme to treat him because it is a demand between states.

“Courage” and “wisdom”

Experts see very little chance of the lawsuit coming to fruition, even in a Supreme Court where the conservative majority is 6-3. But it has served to turn Trump into an exercise in political loyalty. From Twitter, the US president demands “courage and wisdom” from the justices of the Supreme Court and Republican politicians. The latter, at least, have responded: Eighteen attorneys general from Republican states have joined the lawsuit, which has been supported by a growing number of Republican MPs. Until yesterday, they were 126 members of the House of Representatives those who sided with Trump’s assault on election results. Their political future is at stake – their position is re-elected every two years – and Trump’s support will be decisive for many of them. The president has the favor of the Republican electorate, he is willing to continue in politics and run in 2024 and very few legislators dare to stand out, even if the process deepens the democratic erosion that the United States is experiencing.

The Supreme was meeting yesterday. At press time, he had not yet made a decision on whether or not to accept the Republican demand. It must do so soon, because this Monday the electors of each state vote for the president, and his result will be sent for ratification by Congress next month.

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